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Is An adult dating a minor Against the law?

if a 19yr old a 16yr old Askes out, drank THEY DO NOT Have Sex, Is It Against the Law?? 19yr old and 16yr old illegal in oregon?? NO SEX


  1. Nope. As far as I know it isn’t.

  2. No, I don’t think it’s against the law as long as nothing that could be classified as sexual contact takes place.

  3. purple_dragon_fighter

    how bout you go ask a cop?

  4. No, but, depending on the state, if they do the hokey-pokey it could be a big problem for the 19 year old.

  5. Treading some dangerous waters, but not illegal w/out the sex.

  6. It depends on the state. Most states they have to be within 2 years.

  7. It is potentially illegal. The parents can have him arrested for contributing, and nobody has to allege or prove sexual contact.

  8. i wouldnt think it would be as long you dont have sex

  9. Not as long as there in no penetrative sexual activity.

  10. it’s not illegal if no one knows ;]

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