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Is it illegal for underage male year to date year adult female?

I am pretty sure There Is a law about underage dating adult males Females, drank what about vice versa? Thanks for the responses guys!


  1. depends what state your in. I don’t think there is law that applys to dating. Just sex.

  2. There is but its rarely enforced.unless she is your teacher then there is like a 50% chance of it being enforced, gotta love double standards

  3. It works both ways.

  4. Yes, it isn’t just females that are jail bait.

  5. Dating or having intercourse? If the latter, then yes, the rules are the same. If a woman has sex with an underage male it is considered statutory rape. Although, I’m sure most male “victims” of this “crime” would never complain.

  6. I am not really sure, i think so……but the law is that if an underage girl dates an adult male, and the parents don’t allow it or have a problem with it, the parents can go to the police with it……..that is not fact, but im pretty sure that is the law…it also works vice versa!

  7. It’s the same…18 or older you are considered an adult. So to your question, the answer is yes…it’s illegal.

  8. How much of an age difference are we talking about? if the guy is very young, the woman could be accused of corruption of a minor. However, if he is not too young, they can legally date, but that is DATING not having SEX. She would not be able to have sex with the boy.

  9. have you missed the news….teachers (women) dating their much younger male students?! did the teachers go to jail….duh!!!

  10. yea it’s illegal but just don’t call the cops or don’t let your parents find out or if they dont care then your good to go

  11. the laws are gender neutral – haven’t you seen the hot teachers who got in trouble on tv?

  12. It is illegal for the female if she is older…Dating is not a problem…Just sex…if she has sex with a minor can be consider Statutory rape… but as long no one or you said anything you can get by…

  13. The law is the law, and for the most part, it does not discriminate on bases of sex, religion, creed, color or nationality. One will be tried just the same as the other.

  14. To “date”? No.

  15. Yes, it’s the same law.

    There is a double standard on enforcement and punishment.

    It depends on the state as to the Age requirements to violate the law.

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