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Is it okay for a 13 year old to date a 23 year old?

Me and this 23 year old guy really like Both Each Other, we have this connection. We both know it is REALLY weird goal we can not help it. We have even Talked about how We have feelings for each other our purpose are sooo different ages. Is it illegal for us like to date? Or do you think it Would be better for us to wait? Because think about when im 20 and hes 30 or something like that, it might have not Seem weird. Have you ever heard of people dating 10 years apart?


  1. No. He wants you for sex and that’s it. Yes, I know people 10 years apart: but it’s different when it’s 20 + 30, as opposed to 13 + 23.

  2. ♦ мυιяєии яóιѕ ♦

    It’s illegal and he can go to prison for a very long time.

    I have heard of people dating 10 years apart… when they’re both ADULTS.

    Why would you want him even when you’re older? He’s a PEDOPHILE. Stay away from him. Trust me, he does NOT have feelings for you. He’s using you. Tell someone before he hurts some poor little girl.

  3. No, it is not illegal for you to date. It is illegal for you two to have sex (and really, at your age, I would urge you to not have sex.)

    I have heard of people dating 10 years apart, but it seems like it’s less “weird” or more acceptable when the persons are 18 & 28 or 25 & 35. Right now you guys are nowhere near close in maturity, I don’t care how mature you think you are. Enjoy the connection you have with him, but remain friends. If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out in the end anyways.

  4. no! it’s wrong on so many levels, not to mention it’s illegal and he would probably go to jail, and their is a chance that you can go into care and moved out of your town so you are less likely to see him again. honestly, it’s wrong. please don’t. you may think you ‘love’ him or whatever but all he wants is sex.

  5. NO, wait until your 16 then it’ll be legal.
    but he’s probably using you?

  6. YES!! its soo wrong because you’re only 13. but my mum is 40 and my dad is 50 if you two were caught dating they would think the 23 year old is abusing you or a pedo file.

  7. get away from him………!!!!!

  8. It is very wrong for a 23 year old to be with a 13 year old! It is normal for a 13 year old girl to have a crush on an older guy, but when the guy returns these feelings, it’s a very bad situation.

    They should be at completely different places in their life and have nothing in common. A 13 year old is in 7th or 8th grade, a 23 year old is an ADULT. The question that should come to mind is “Why is a 23 year old trying to date a 13 year old if he’s a good guy?” Wouldn’t he be able to find a nice 23 year old girlfriend?

    Usually, if a guy wants to go out with a girl much younger at that age. It’s because he is a LOSER, and any WOMAN can see that. So they target young girls, they’ll start right away by telling them things like how mature they are, or how they’d never guess you were only 13! He’s said things like this to you, right? It’s called “grooming”, he’s telling you things you want to hear so you’re more receptive to his advances.

    A relationship should be two very different things to those different ages. A 13 year old should be looking for a boyfriend to see a movie with on a Friday night or hold hands with at school, a 23 year old should be looking for someone to marry! Girls your age who get in relationships with older guys usually end up with emotional and mental problems, because they are put in situations that are extremely inappropriate for someone their age to be in, and they are not emotionally, nor mentally mature enough to handle it.

    In a few years, you will look back on this and realize what a creep this guy is. You need to talk to your parents or a trusted not creepy adult about this. By the time you’re 20, you’ll either be very glad you decided to stay away from this pervert or you could be in therapy, trying to get over the whole mess. The choice is yours now.

    And yes, it is illegal for him to date you, even if you aren’t having sex. Just by dating you it is “Contributing to the delinquency of a minor” and kissing you would be considered “Sexual misconduct with a minor”. And he could face jail time depending on the law of your state.

  9. no its not.

  10. Special~K Y!A Detective

    I am 19 my ex is almost 5 years older than me and the guy i like is 30

  11. When I was 13, I dated a 21 year old guy, if he gets too sexual tell him to stop, if he doesn’t he wants only sex, good luck.(:

  12. Its illeagal to you knw have sex before 18 wid an adult..And btw are u sure he is nt using you or anything? I mean really, u never knw

  13. I’m dating a person with a 7 year difference. Also my friend’s mum and dad have a 10 year age gap…

    The 23 year old might actually have feelings for you but it is illegal for you two to go out. It’s best to wait. If he really does like you then he’ll wait and you can get together when your more mature.

  14. It’s not illegal for y’all to date but it would be illegal and considered rape if you two had sex which at 13 you really shouldn’t but i’m kinda in the same situation and i have talked to my parents about it and there is a ten year age difference between me and this guy but if people look at it in 7 years no one will think anything of it its just that you are still young and it is different and just something people around you would just have to get use to. I would say wait til you are older to actually start dating but no one but your parents can actually tell you that you cant. Good Luck

  15. ♥glíttєr pílls♫

    Lots of ADULTS date people that are 10 years older than them. It’s fine, if you’re fully grown. In this situation however, it is sick and disgusting. This guy is a creep.

  16. ღ Missy ღ ❤ Babe ❤

    Wrong and illegal

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