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Is there a separate category for teen dating and adult dating in Yahoo Answers?

I like giving advice in the dating section here but I am bothered by the fact that sometimes I do not know if I give advice to a 16 or 30 years. . . I hate the idea that I find myself discussing or giving sexual advice to someone who should not have sex, first lieu.Yahoo done enough to help start the “To Catch a Predator”, they should not be concerned about the separation of juveniles and adults in this area? Crushed-I agree the teen section would be the shit! This is the main reason I like to see a non-teen section, then all these questions were ailleurs.Je finally meet many of these issues among adolescents and then thought. . . wtf. . . I’m for helping children with two months of relationships Long. if they lie about their age just to post in the “adult” section, so be it. At least the majority of them are in the section of teens and those in the adult section will be easy to repérer.À present issues of adults are hard to find!


  1. It would be nice but it would be VERY hard to enforce.

  2. Yes. Though if they do you know how much crap the teen section would be? I mean its kinda like the same questions over and over “Does he/she like me?” or “should I ask them out?” But yes there should be a separate category.

  3. interesting idea… but how in the world could you ever enforce it??

    In the chatrooms, MOST of the ppl claiming to be young are really older men who figure its the only way they’ll score or whatever. Who knows what’s happening in Answers??

    An age verification thing could work, but it would chase a lot of ppl away.

  4. A lot of teen dating questions are asked in the “Adolescent” section under “Pregnancy and Parenting.” So, that’s a start. Also, you can usually tell the asker’s approximate age and maturity level just by how he or she words the question. Use your best judgment.

  5. Yes, yes, yes!

    Those things also bother me. The 14 yr olds also ask such silly questions over and over again:- “Does he/she like me”? And then they drivel on in textspeak. Oh please!

    I like answering questions in this category but sometimes it is difficult to find anything worth bothering with.

    Edit:- Just seen Crushed’s answer. Oh well, ‘great minds’ & all that. Let it stand.

  6. thats a good idea! david! but thay might just lie. hmmm..difficult one!

  7. Oh come on you can usually tell when a teenager is asking the questions because it is like “how can I get him to like me” At my age I know that answer.I may give advice to a teen because I was once young and naive and needed answers to some questions that seem so difficult at that time but laughable now.

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