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I’ve Heard That 13-16 is a good age to let daughters start dating?

Personally, I feel 18 is better. So I would discourage future daughter or my niece from premature dating. When I was a teen, all the teenage girls I liked Were Consumed by school, sports, and family activities. So I hardly got to euphemism with em.


  1. i think 16 is a perfect age to start dating

  2. If you pull too much they will push harder. Encourage a later age but allow (within reason) earlier dating.

  3. car dating is not appropriate for a 13 yo..the boy could get in all kinds of trouble…with a 13 yo.
    the 13 yo girl is fertile too….

  4. It depends on the girl. Honestly, some girls mature faster than others. Some girls are ready psychologically by the age of 15 or 16, while others need the extra time to prepare. My mother didn’t let me start dating until i was 16. I wasn’t even allowed to have boys over (not that i did) until i was 15, even just guy friends. Basically when I was able to operate a car successfully, my mother let me date.You have to gage it depending on the girl and HER readiness, not yours. Well, you obviously have a say-so in it, but what i’m saying is you’ll know when she’s ready.

  5. 15! Where They Have Freedom But Not To Much. They Need To Understand What Its Like Before They Are 18 And Off To Start A Life.

  6. It does depend on your daughter, but daughters should start dating at the age of around high school. 18 is too old of a limit. You should let your daughter feel welcome to date, but limit the time to get home and check if they have homework before they go out.

  7. 13-15 is too young.17-18 is too late.16 is good.

  8. U Can't Handle This

    First of all at 13-17 they are minors. They are kids. And you are meant to protect your kids. That’s like child trafficking. I think 18 is good too. They can date and be adults for the rest of their lives. But at 13-17 they should just being doing fun things with their friends.

    Plus, you do not want her to be going out to parties and things like that which she will be encouraged to do once she gets a boyfriend and hangs around guys.

    Thee is also the sex thing, if they start dating younger it means they will have sex younger. As they think they can handle it which also puts them in danger.

    Anyone who says 13- 16 is good then they are probably after your daughter themselves or they are some kind of creep. OR just a very, very bad parent that should never have had children.

    Why are all you people saying they need to learn and 18 is too late?
    They are young kids. They are children! Let them be children. For christs sake it’s not a race.
    You are meant to protect your children not put them in danger and have them being hurt and taken advantage of by mischievous boys with raging-hormones and one-track minds! Why would you want that?

    I hope to god none of you people are parents. If not, don’t have kids.

  9. 65 is the right earliest age to start dating

  10. I am a father of a 15 year old girl. When she was 14 years old, she was terrified of boys. Now she goes to parties with her girlfriends and meets boys. She is “dating.” What does dating mean to a 15 year old? They talk on facebook, the cell phone, at parties. He gives her a hug and a kiss as he leaves our house in his mother’s car. Hey, if this is all there is, what’s the problem? She sees a guy for maybe 10 days and then it’s onto the next one. Usually it’s the boy who has had enough and is moving onto the next flower.

  11. Yes 13-16 is a reasonably good time to start dating if you think your daughter is mature enough.
    If she’s trustworthy and is a good student then having a boyfriend most likely won’t change that.

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