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Just found out my boyfriend HAS signed up to year adult dating site because i ‘Was not There’ for him?

Nearly 34 weeks pregnant I’m with twins and this HAS really shaken me up Especially After Other comments he’s made this week. Last night I Thought we’d sorted it all out then I found out goal he’s one year beens adult dating site for the Passed 3 weeks and I Took a peak at historical profile to see how bad It Was It Was Probably thinking nothing and Some of the stuff is disgusting There Is. His pictures are bad enough in historical order the stuff ‘About Me’ section is Even Worse. I really can not deal with this anymore ET goal is Refusing to break up over this and will not leave me alone. Me and the babies Could really do without the stress and I just want Him to leave us alone. I can not trust HIM anymore. I do not know what to do. I do not want to Involve the Police or anything like that cos I do not want that added stress as well. I just want to be left alone and maybe talk things We Can-through tomorrow, maybe never end I just want to be left alone for now. What can I do? Has anyone else beens-through this? What did you do? Just to add, the only way I have not been there is sexually For Him Because it’s really uncomfortable now. Even so, I’ve still done it


  1. Can you go to a friend or relative’s house? If so I suggest you do.

    Your boyfriend sounds like a lying jerk and it’s best for your sanity to get away from that situation. I really don’t think there is a way to get around those issues. He betrayed your trust and it’s obvious he has no respect for you or his unborn children.

    sorry you are going through this.

  2. Shar ~Twin Boys 11 weeks left!!!

    Sorry sweetie… I would kick his sorry ass out! How unsupportative of him. First telling you he was jerking it to the thought of his hot co-workers in the beginning of your relationship, then trying to pressure you into sex and now he is on an adult dating site. He is not what you or those babies need. he needs to grow the f up. My ex was cheating on me when I was pregnant with my daughter and I didn’t find out until after she was born and I caught him jerking it to porn online… I booted his ass out and did what I needed to do for me and my kids. You deserve so much better than him. Your babies deserve better than that. Those are just “hey come F me sites” what if he brings something home to you?

    Edit*** your babies will still have their father if you boot him… they need 2 parents but they don’t need them to be together. He has no respect for you. My hubby knows that right now it is painful for me to have sex with him so OUT OF RESPECT and LOVE for me he won’t pressure me. I won’t do oral because it makes me gag and there is nothing like gagging and almost puking to turn you and your guy off, but I do “give him a hand” once in a while. But my point is that he won’t give me a hard time about sex out of Love and Respect. You need a man willing to do the same for you. You shouldn’t have to be in pain for his pleasure!

  3. I went through something like that pregnant with my daughter…I wouldnt trust him either…he might not be doing anything, but you cant really be sure thats the problem…he can either walk away or do eveything to try to get your trust back theres not much else to be done…tell him if he wants to find a way to work it out he needs to let you think right now and just leave you alone…if he wants to work it out he will do as you ask.

  4. Yeah similar thing happen to me but just not as bad as your boyfriend. im 39 weeks and like 2 months ago all i did as did an online search on my bf and found like 5 different online profiles. i was shocked! mostly becuase they all said SINGLE! nothing of me was mention, what anger me was that he was still logging into them. so i had a fit, threatened to leave him because i really dont know what he be talking to all these girls i see on his sites. they scared the crap out of him, he sat me down and showed me he deleted all of the accounts, felt really bad, and reassure me he never cheated and that the sites were nothing. as me if i trust him NOPE!but he actually making an effort and has shown me a change.

    But what your boyfriend did is really messed up, and your right esp with TWINS its more high risk you dont need this stress. i say to take a break from him and teach him a lesson. and if he does it while your on break comes to show you he not true and will still act up whether your with him or not. he cant stop you from breaking up with him. for the sake of your health and your babies i say try your best and stay away from him till you feel comfortable with him again..

  5. He’s an a**, but then you already know that… I’m beginning to think that we need to set up a militia of pregnant ladies who are deployed to kick to the a** of guys who act like this.

    In any case, you and I both know that you need to leave him. If you weren’t pregnant you would leave him. Just because you’re having his children doesn’t mean that he owns you. Find someone you can trust like your mother or a really good female friend to help you through the last part of this pregnancy. He might refuse to break up over it, but you have a right to be rid of him. If you don’t make it clear that he’ll lose you if he does crap like this you’ll never be able to trust him. He thinks you won’t really leave him because you’re pregnant. Prove him wrong.

    Only take him back if he makes some obvious, major adjustments to his attitude. Taking him back now or never breaking up to begin with will set a bad precedent.

  6. stephanieschulte

    I feel for you I have through it more then once with my husband. He has done this a few time throughout the years and the reason I think he did it was out of boredom. When I wasn’t around he had nothing else to do and I know that isn’t right but that is what happens especially with men.

    I know it is stressful especially with twins I just had mine in Jan. But taking to him about it so much will never get him to say why he is doing it. In your case it could be because the sex is gone. For me it was hard with the twins but I tried to keep him pleasured so he would be satisfied. Its so hard when you are so uncomfortable but you just have to try your best. You should get out of the house and do something try and get your mind off it. Its hard I know but for me it has always stuck in my head about the internet and the stuff you read on their profile is sick because that isn’t the person you know. They are just looking for attention from the opposite sex. But try and stay calm and work through it. If you need to talk email me take care

  7. First, hon, I am so sorry for you.

    Obviously this guy really has no idea how to be a dad, and a husband…. few do under 30……and he’s for sure not 30…. I’d bet every tooth in my head.

    And as well, that is really a cut in the back with a profile thing. You have every right to be absolutely enraged….. I’m so sorry your radar wasn’t better, and that you didn’t know him better before choosing to have him be the sire of your children………………


    But now, your life, and his life each is no longer your own. If you were not preggo, I’d be the first in line to tell to to dump the dude, and find a real man.

    You can’t do that. You and he are about to plop two babies on this planet, and they have absolutely every right to expect two parents ready and able to step to the plate for 18 years and be parents.

    Guys get scared when their hot huss bed partner is about to give birth, and now they have to deal with sharing your body with children!!!!… in your case two.
    This kid of stuff just scares a guy shittttlesss (excuse the vulgarity) and they run, sometimes even getting some other babe preggo…. their testosterone has dropped with your impending birthing. Practically formula..two’s company, three is a crowd… in your case four.

    Babies have always been a girly thing, anyway. So, hon, your job, is to hold on, and get some counseling,,,,, and him too.

    The best babies on the planet—— yours!!!!!!!!!——- deserve it. Do all you can to bring this guy kicking and screaming into parenthood. Do it for them.

  8. I had something similar done to me by my boyfriend. He was on myspace back in October trying to meet other women. Ask him why he’s looking outside of the relationship I tried asking that and never got an answer. I said I’d stay with him as long as he never logged back on to his myspace account and he hasn’t since that day. However, I still don’t fully trust him sometimes to this day. Maybe it was a mistake to take him back but now I’m 4 months pregnant with his baby. If he thought you weren’t being there for him he should have talked to you about it instead of trying to look elsewhere. He needs to be there for you especially now you are pregnant with twins and that behavior is so inapropiate. If you can stay somewhere for a little while that would be good. Maybe take a short break until after the babies are born then if you want you guys can talk about it.

  9. This is completely unacceptable. Would you even be questioning yourself if you had caught him at the movies or at dinner with someone else. Probably not. I do believe it is important to communicate, and trust can be earned back. However, all that lame crap Ms. Counselor was talking about that it is your responsilbility to be there for him, and he may go get someone else pregnant because he wants to spread his seed, and you just have to hang in there….NO NO NO. That is not love. That is being a doormat. He should not be asking for sex if he knows it hurts you. Someone who LOVES you does not want to hurt you physically, mentally, or emotionally. There are ways to help him out without hurting you (check out some pregnancy books/sites). Your pregnancy is not his free ticket to engage or pursue other relationships, because he is lonely, depressed, sexually frustrated, etc. For crying out loud. He needs to grow up as he is about to be a father in just a few weeks.

    If you consider this “cheating”; he should not have the option of whether or not he wants to break up. If you want to work it out with him. I suggest finding a GOOD counselor that isn’t full of book knowledge but actually wants to help you guys work through it.

    Me and my husband has had a rule since we first starting dating (we met online btw). No social sites for either or us. Period. We don’t even get online at home if the other one isn’t there. No one clears the history until we are both there. It seems kinda extreme. But ya know what. We love each other more than facebook or myspace or anything else online…and its just not worth the trust issues.

  10. Rachel ~29 weeks with twins ~

    Hun you really need out you are getting so close to your babies being born and even now going on 34 weeks you dont want them born yet keep them in till 36 week atleast so they have a good chance of coming home rather then staying in ,Look you know all about my situation and i know about yours i can understand that men have needs right but isnt your health of you and your babies just a tad bit more important ? The stress is really bad does man want you to go into labor is he that selfish he cant go with out sex ? I said to my partner sex atm just feels wrong down stairs like its shorter so i said to him i really dont think its worth it and i said i will do all the oral he wants and hes over the moon about that ,As for the dating sites thats just not right full stop he is your partner he is suppose to see no1 else bar you im sorry but you really need out your worth way more then this ,he doesnt want you to leave well tuff i know the last thing you want is for the police to get involved and i understand that have you got anywhere else you can go i mean he might just need a good wake up call ,He needs help he has a addition to sex ,Whats he going to do after the babies are born and no sex for 6 weeks ? You shouldnt be having sex right now you know im going on 30 weeks and it is horrible ,Email or msg me

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