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Ladies is there Such Things as equality in dating?

Ladies is there Such Things as equality in dating? I think it’s a little unbalanced Toward the ladies. If there shoulds not be equality? What is your opinion?


  1. i think so…

  2. girls just wanted to be treated right and then once we know that…it becomes equal. but we care and you know it and you all have to show that you care.

  3. I think it is what you make of it. If you date a man who treats you like crap, then you don’t have equality. If a woman treats men like crap, then again you don’t have equality. It’s all about finding people who think along the same lines and is willing to work to be equal.

  4. well, speaking as a lady, i’d say that is a little unfair for men. saying like “the woman’s always right.” but truth is, dude, that woman always end up with the shortest straw. what it’s more about, is the superior other of the relationship. we’re generally smarter and we can control what’s in our pants. we have to aquire the maturity of the relationship. we have to keep the guys under our wing.

  5. I can’t really reflect on all experiences. I know that when I date I typically take turns paying for things. He may pay for the dinner, and I pay for the movie and snacks. I have typically heard that whoever actually asks the other on a date should pay.

    There are still women who won’t pay for dates, and to be fair there are men who won’t allow a woman to pay. I think the people involved should discuss it and do what they are comfortable with.

  6. My opinion is that the person who asked for the date should pay for it and if not should discuss going dutch in advance. I think most of the first dates should be dutch as you’re not sure if things are going to work at and no one should have to pay for the whole date unless they want to.

  7. There is as long as both sides of the couple commit to it. I try to keep things as balanced as possible between myself and the guy I’m seeing, but he says that he’d like to be more chivalrous toward me.

  8. The stereotype might seem imbalanced but in all women like to be made special. They like personal attention and to assess the potential partner while the dating process is going on. Alot of women today do pay or go dutch with things they want to see/do. If you offer up a suggestion of where they would like to go and ask them up front about paying half only the shallow will find this rude.

  9. It depends on the relationship. When I have dated guys who made less money than I did, I made an effort to pick up the tab, and buy concert tickets etc. One guy was really uncomfortable with me paying for things, yet he was just scraping by, so we stayed in a lot, and I cooked (he never even offered to help.) He was perfectly comfortable with THAT arrangement – but it seemed unbalanced to me, so it didn’t last long.

  10. I think it’s balanced

  11. Of course there’s no equality in dating. We’re two very different sexes. We have a different social standard to live up to and a different set of guidelines.
    No I don’t believe we should try to manipulate some sort of equality in dating.
    Women spend and spend on products to attract men, while men can acceptably throw on whatever they rolled off the bed and into.
    Not to mention the fact women will carry the burdens of the relationship throughout it’s lifespan, so therefore they should at least have a nice date memory…

  12. The traditional system of women not being allowed to be self-sufficient required that women find a male meal-ticket in order to survive and enjoy a family, so men then displayed in courtship their financial strength and generosity to win women’s affection and preference Those expectations, of course, are changing. As more women become self-sufficient, they share financial burdens with their dates and spouses. But, not much time has passed, only a generation or two, of most women having the means to be self-sufficient and many acculturations remain in society and within our families that tell us to “expect” men to display those old-fashioned courtship rituals of paying for everything as a show of his interest in us.

    Many men are in transition, too, and now expect women to share financial burdens yet men are confused about how to display interest in courtship other than their traditional courtship behaviors of paying for everything to show their interest and “strength” as providers. Also, many people equate financial strength with sexual dominance in courtship, that a “man is not a man” if the woman has more money than he has or pays for everything, or that whomever is “paying” is in charge. Men traditionally have spent money on women in expectation of sexual favors in return and now when women pay for the date men project and can feel uncomfortable about “being bought” or controlled.

    We tend to seek out romantic partners who are in the same place of consciousness in this transition, so, men who are confused about gender role behaviors and expect partly that women be submissive and weaker than they are tend to see only women who are confused, too, and, although those women have a job, too, they expect the man to be “dominant” and pay the bills. But, most adults these days now have “role” expectations worked out between them in mutually satisfying and empowering ways and share financial burden equally without allowing money matters to interfer with their courtship / bedroom / sexual / “gender” role behavior preferences of who’s on top and such.

  13. *~*~* Princess *~*~*

    Yes….where I come from two people go out as mates and have fun and if something else develops it does.

  14. las mujeres son putas

    no there is no equality in anything but If you want to talk about equality you should be asking everybody this not just women.

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