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Lawyers please help! question about minor and adult dating. . ?

im 15 i want to date this 20yr oldbut hes afraid to go to jailbut you as far as i know theres no law Against minorsjust dating adults having sex with ’em, plusif Does Someone Say We Were There HAVING sexdoes Need To Be physical proof?


  1. pragmatism_rules

    He is right to be afraid to go to jail. He could be charged with statutory rape or worse. As for “proof”, if you pick up an std or you get pregnant, that will be proof enough. Or you could get some of his dna on some of your intimate clothing or if any of your dna is found in his bedroom, his goose is cooked. I know you think you won’t get caught but any of your friends or enemies could turn him in…or any of his enemies (or even a neighbor).

    He is an adult, you are still a minor. Whether or not you like it or even agree with it, these laws are there to protect you. If he likes you, he can wait until you turn legal at the age of 18. Until then, you are nothing more than jail bait to him. If you like him, stay away from him. Good luck!

    Addendum: I went over your past questions and I see your doctor put you on birth control. Your parents could use that as evidence that you are having sex, and as that is illegal for you to do, YOU could get in trouble yourself.

  2. There is no law at all against the two of you just dating. Yes, if someone did want to make trouble for him and claim the two of you were having sex they would have to come up with some kind of proof. Just don’t get in a situation where anyone could possibly say that.

  3. hey..
    I am not a lawyer , but yes can help you a bot in getting out of this fear.
    if you are under 18yrs of age thn you should not go for sex, first thing.
    if, knowingly or unknowingly you have done this physical intercourse, thn no need to worry. it depends upon country to country law, still the other person required to prove that you people have sex and for this medical and physical authentication is a must . without this no one can prove the above said.. yes definitely there will be a need of physical proof.

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