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Legitimate Free Adult dating sites?

I am currently looking for a Site Where I Could find some kinda friend for my boyfriend and I. I was wondering if there are sites out there Any That Are Legitimate be it free or not?? Any feed back on sites to definitely AVOID? Thank you =]


  1. what kind of “friend”?

  2. Try Dating Cafe, it was and will remain free. Has everything and maybe much more to offer then paid sites.
    I’ve never understood why people pay for on-line dating, anyway. Most of the time they never find somebody because the owners of the dating sites (probably ALL PAID DATING SITES) are USING FAKE PROFILES.
    That’s the only way to make suckers register and pay – they give the impression of really animated community, but they have only 2-3 real users sending emails/messages to the bots like idiots. It’s such a shame how this low quality people are trying to take advantage of people’s feelings and take their money just for trying to find their soul-mate.
    Anyway, check Dating Cafe, if free, multi-language, and they don’t use fake profiles; they even have a video chat.
    Good luck!

  3. You mean hottieonly.com?

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