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more on minor & adult dating? 15 and 18yr old?

Soo imma lookin at shit about underage minor & adult dating. i found this on a website. . . http://forum. freeadvice. com/juvenile-law-90/minor-adult-dating-laws-191560. Someone made a html and very good point thro this. and Its caught my attention to it and Brought to a whole new level. Whose right is it to say That Two ppl cannot date? IM SPEAKING IN THE SENSE WHERE NO SEX OR ANY KIND OF SEXUAL INTERACTION IS Involved. Because That Is illegal. It Was Known as rape, order now in the state of wisconsin Referred to sexual assualt icts. Either way thats gunna illegal and idc Be About That Because not everything boils down to sex. Some ppl are in love and are just in it for That. icts of course if your gross n creepy too old for eachother what if your aim A Few ages apart and the god damn law Is The barrier Keeping away from u the one person u love. i dont want to wait a FEW years to be with the one i love, whats IS Worse if your parents forbid it. here it is: As for the state Laws THEY Probably you cannot be with Her, Although I Have not Even a notion about What They Say. I disagree with any law personlly resricting Frankly Because love, love is abstract thinikable In Every Way. Where has God made it boy and girl fall in love Canon, not a boy and girl Above age so-and-so Will Fall in Love. Who has the right to say Is not In Love Someone Other than that person? Beside 50% of marriages in devorce Cease, so the adults love Saying They Know Better Than Everyone Else, Obviously, do not. Now I’m Not Saying all adults can not figure it out, all I’m Saying IS Minors Who Should THEY decided date. i love this ^ ^ Because STI Stating the TRUTH. My Dad Thinks He Knows whats best for me by pratically Isolating me from outside and all social interaction. thats A Whole ‘nuther ball game Right There i dnt want to Get That Much Into It aims im barely Allowed Even to be with my friends, HE HAS to know the person, Their parents, we’re doing What, When and Where We Will Be , and There Must Be just adult supervision there. . When It Comes to espicially boooys oooh gasp, if my grades are remotely bad, i cannot leave the house. Personally i dnt believe in God, imma strong opinionated atheist (BUT I RESPECT THOSE WHO ARE RELIGIOUS) but i like this That the person subject Mentioned Here Because Many ppl Within Their opinions are based Religious Morals and stuff. I Had to Get That all out. ps There are no FUDGIN ‘LAWS ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO MINOR TO DATE AN ADULT. IF ONLY SEXUAL CONTACT OR IS Involved intercourse. . Have u cannot in wisconsin sexual contact or sixteen Until btw. u Must Be an adult for sexual intercourse. . . . . its not to worry about tho Because People Have sex. a lot. lol and if this law was really enforced THEY That Would not Give birth control to young women and sell condoms to Minors. . am i right or am i right? the media and school reading which SEEM to us As Much As They Used To as far as sex and abstinence. . . Stupid Laws. . .


  1. Whatever are your thoughts that are unlawful and dangerous. Ultimately you shall be in trouble and destroy your futur. My suggestion to you to have patience.

  2. You are right – there is no law against adults and children dating. laws don’t get broken until there is sex.

    Here is the part you don’t understand, and probably won’t for at least 15 more years. 18 year old men who are attracted to 15 year old girls are creepy. There is no reason for an 18 year old to want to date a 15 year old girl, except for creepy reasons.

    Remember this for your 30th birthday – and you will marvel at how wise I was.

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