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my husband HAS adult dating accounts ET They Are old claims?

HE HAS adult dating website account flirts That HAS sent on May 2, 2009. He Is They Are Saying old account, but i cannot find any msgs Before That date aussi flirtations are all from the city He Is the Same right now althought HE HAS account the historical old city with Before He Knew me. May Be a cover that’s up to convience me thats a year old account, can Any Body help me figure this. if HE IS lists historical city in Maryland and how come one Would send HIM while HE is offline in a different city, ET must have beens searching in this area around this time, Why There Is No Other Message Before That date. THEY dont get deleted


  1. vietcongcharlie69

    If there are flirts sent in May then the account isn’t that old! He’s lying to you…. sorry, but that’s what it looks like.

  2. But still the fact remains that he has them….

  3. Its really upto you on how you feel about him having them, do you trust what he is saying to you?

  4. He is being one shady mo fo.

    And he’s lying too!

  5. None of those details matters. It matters that he does have an active account. Unless he’s dating you online for fun, then close it down.

  6. Hatin' married life

    Unless he’s a paid member, he’s not getting any action. He’s probably just goofing off on the internet. I’m sure if he knew EVERYTHING that you have done that there would be some dirt in your closet too.

    Now if he was serious, he would went to a private site like Ashley Madison, that would be a different story.

  7. Well.. Ashley. I have a girlfriend and still love to look at hot ladies online. I also talk to people offline over coffee. I’m sure he looks a lot but won’t cheat. I have female friends and feel it;s very ok. He really won’t cheat. Millions of men look at ladies online.So do ladies.

  8. you act like you’ve never done anything naughty in your life. leave him alone, just because he’s your husband that does’nt mean you’ve got the Right to control him and tell him what to do.

  9. If the accounts are old, then he won’t mind deleting them, will he?

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