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my wife has been on dating sites for adults for the past 3 months. ?

my wife of 17 years has been on the dating sites for adults for the past 3 months. she can not overcome this addiction. I confronted her and said she did, but I keep his capture. I’ve never been jealous of its kind, but it is now consumes me. What should I do?


  1. Consider yourself lucky. Most guys would love this

    Man…you people really have no sense of humor at all. It’s so sad. Seriously most guys would love this. You have to admit that at least.

    Okay…seriously. You need to have a heart to heart with her and let her know that if she doesn’t stop then there will be consequences (you decide what those will be) and then you have to follow through with them. She may possibly need counseling in order to stop.

  2. Lay down an ultimatum. Too often when people do this they’ll follow through. She’s looking for additional attention.

  3. This is ridiculous, childish, and downright dangerous behavior as far as your marriage is concerned. If she cares anything about you and your relationship together, she should end the online dating. After all, isn’t the purpose of being on those sites to meet and hook up with other people? So is she saying to you that she wants to be with someone else? You need to express these concerns and questions to her. If she wants out of the relationship, she needs to tell you so and then you can go from there. But if she still wants to be with you but wants to continue on the dating websites, then you need to put your foot down and tell her it’s not going to happen while she’s married to you. Don’t let her continue hurting you. How would she feel if you were doing the same thing behind her back? It’s disrespectful and wrong and you need to tell her so. I’m very sorry for what you’re going through and have encountered a similar situation with my boyfriend. He just refuses to stop getting onto Lonely Housewives.com and Local Sex.com and the like. It’s hurts me to the core. But don’t be like me and be a doormat. Tell her that it’s either you or the websites. She can’t have both. Good luck to you!

  4. trust is a big thng… tell her you’re worried that your relationship is coming to an end because of this. and you have a right to be jealous…her going on dating sites is wrong

  5. OK, she’s on these dating sites! But has she contacted anybody? Couldn’t it all be just curiosity? Have you ever looked at porn? Of course those bare chicks are nothing like you have ever met. But let’s get real: there is a difference between looking and

  6. She is doing it to feel sexy. Women on those sites get lots and lot and lots of guys sending flirts and messages trying to hook up for sex. There are also chat rooms and you know.. web cams… where people show their stuff to each other… to try to hook up for sex.

    Of course, there are genuine people looking for their life partner and many relationships are formed through that kind of introduction these days.

    We can’t speculate on how far she will go… but many people never meet anyone… they go as far as making the arrangements but just dont show up.

    You should log on, sign up anonymously and check her profile out… use a handsome avatar .. not too spectacular as she will spot a fake…. do some flirting with her and find out what she is up to… See if she will meet you… then be sitting there at the pre-arranged location… with a camera to record her face… and a nice bottle of wine and a pre-memorised apology for entraping her.

  7. I went on a dating site once to check on someone else… but if she is doing it for herself then I can see that’s wrong and you should search your feelings for what you really want to do.

  8. be there for her and help her. some times it’s a sickness and no-one has control over the abuse.

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