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Online Dating – How Soon Should You Take Down Your Profile?

Online Dating Tips – www.askdanandjennifer.com So when is the “right time” to take down that online dating profile? Ask Your Question in the forums! www.askdanandjennifer.com


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  3. @CCP2 nice, now I don’t have to write this comment and hope it gets thumbed up. epic fail on the “your” though. lol
    *yourself 😉

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  10. so… when a guy looks at online dating profiles, he’s not just looking for the hell of it, he’s a LYING, CHEATING JERK!

    stupid fucks.

  11. they hav some good pionts bt at the same time they didnt say i would like my man to take his profile down after 6 months but kind of think its a guy thing look at her husband think men just like having bunch of women that are sults and show every body every thing maybe not sure not a guy cant understand

  12. @CCP2 kill your are selves

  13. when its facebook official…

  14. a gun is begin pointed to dan’s head

  15. looking for a woman for friendship.
    someone who’s out going and likes animals, especially sheep.
    with a keen interest in music and beach valley ball.
    must be in late 40’s to early 80’s and chubby please.
    oh, and she must have lots of money.
    well thats about it, come and get me get ladys!

  16. Dan looks like the kinda guy who says he has to stay late at work, but secretly goes to bath houses and sucks dick

  17. Dan: I suggest you grow facial hair.

    It will make you less “killed by marriage” looking.

  18. I want to take down your profile.

  19. faggot drink.

  20. Has our race stooped so low that we need a video to tell us how to deal with this? Dan, I highly encourage for that shirt to stay in the closet and never come out.

  21. That was, by far, THE most annoying fucking thing I have watched in my entire fucking life. I hate you both.
    P.S. That song sucks horsedick.

  22. @YakChap Why?

  23. @LovelyWhiteWitch It doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you. He’s probably just keeping it up so he doesn’t have to type it all out again when you inevitably get fat and he has to dump you.

  24. @Jazzper79 “after she has asked you to be the boyfriend”. Are you in 5th grade or something?

  25. Take it down when you’ve had too much poontang. So much that your old chap is red and sore and it hurts to walk.

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