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Parents can legally completely Call decide if you are allowed to date someone or not?

My girlfriend’s relatives do not like me, though her and I are really great together, we are Both 17. Do Parents Have A Right her to tell her she cannot Date me or be my girlfriend? Goal is there an actual That law states this?


  1. Yes, until you are both 18, you must legally abide to their wishes.

  2. under 18 or under their roof; it’s their call.

  3. laughter_every_day

    Parents have authority to tell their children what they can and cannot do. A child who repeatedly disobeys can be declared to be an incorrigible child and committed to the custody of the state.

    When that child turns 18, he/she need no longer obey but the parents need no longer support.

  4. Snarkus Maximus

    Yes, she’s a minor. They totally have that right.

    There is no law that specifically states that parents may dictate who their children may or may not have relations with. However, laws concerning the age of majority determine what age a person needs to be before they can make decisions for themselves legally. In most of the US this age is 18.

  5. There is no law one way or the other.

    Parents by law are legally responsible for everything their children do until their children are 18. By that standard, yes, they can determine who you date and who you cannot date.

    After 18, parents often control purse strings for their children. He who has the money, controls what the recipient can do with said money.

  6. It depends on the Laws of your State. Why don’t they like you…?

    I want you to go to school and college. Apply yourself and try your very best. Respect women as well as everyone… Set goals and work toward accomplishing those goals. You can do all things through Christ.

    It bothers me that you all are the same age and they don’t like you. If you and your girlfriend decide to stay together… Always show respect to her parents.

  7. There is no law I’m aware of, but they can control certain aspects of her life. You can see each other at school. They can control the after school, keep her home. If she lies and says she is with others and they find her with you things could get ugly, and if you two survive and marry things will never be good between the in-laws. Just back off and get her out of there when 18 or graduated which ever comes first.

  8. Yes she is a minor, her parents are responsible for what she does.
    Are we to understand too that you are interfering with her parents wishes and are making her be rebellious to her parents? Shame on you. Wait till you two are legally adults then you can do what ever the hell you please.

  9. No, there isn’t an actual law saying this: it’s a matter of respecting their wishes while your girlfriend is under their roof. While it would be open to them to take out an injunction preventing you from seeing their daughter, they would have to put up some kind of case to show that you are an undesirable influence in her life, and merely disliking you isn’t enough. Besides, it is probably only a matter of months before you both become adults.

  10. Yes and Yes. As others have said 18 is the golden age unless still living under their roof.

  11. Organized Chaos

    Your girlfriend is a minor, and as such her parents have the legal right and responsibility to make decisions on her behalf which they feel are in her best interests.

    There may be no direct law, but indirectly if she is with you without their permission she is a runaway, and if you are with her without their permission you could be charged with kidnapping.

  12. There’s no law that states “no parent shall forbid a child from dating any partner of choice.” There’s also no law stating a parent can’t forbid their child from playing with matches, bullying kids at school or watching R-rated movies at home. Things are only illegal when the law specifically states they are, so you’re kidding yourself if you think a police officer or judge would do anything about this. Your parents have the legal right to enforce ANY RULE THEY WANT as long as it doesn’t involve abusing you.

  13. They sure do. If you love her so much I am sure you can wait a few months to have her. In the meantime, get a job so you can get an apartment for her and you to live in when you are both 18.

    There may not be an actual law, but she must comply with her parents rules until she becomes 18 or gets emancipated.

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