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Penthouse NC-17 Passion.com Adult dating reality Clipcritics

Boy meets girl…then boy meets “the other” girl on Passion.com – The truth about your nice boyfriend. He wants some passion.com


  1. TheLunaDivider112

    Jamie Chung is a sexy slut in this, nice.

  2. .

    Christians of this website, the judgement day have started already, please I urge you to depart from all form of unchristian conduct lest you be found not worthy to enter the kingdom of God. Please do not label my activity spam, I did not do it for that purpose.


  3. check out my eharmony spinoff commercial let me know what you thing

  4. prettyispink98

    chuck rules

  5. PsychoDaveFilms

    Captain Chuck!!!!! Where is Willis?

  6. babyboyben6969

    i cant believe thats Capt. Chuck from the ClipCritics

  7. MidnightChimes

    that’s a nice coda!

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  9. californiainthesun

    ” Why don’t you wear an outfit like that?”

    “Why don’t you have a cool accent?”


  10. im for continuing education

  11. yeah i actually went to high school with jamie

  12. Funny, but I’m not a fan of catching the clap!

    eHarmonious is just one good place to look for people you might really hit it off with, but you’ll have to kiss a few hundred frogs before you find your prince/princess.

    But they do have a knack for finding one or two that will ring your bell really, really hard and the feeling will be mutual. The kind that when you do have sex with them you’ll want to keep going at it for years. Probably doesn’t happen for everyone, though.

  13. Funny…

  14. Jamie has a great figure

  15. Yeah, thanks Passion dot com, let’s join up so we can have sex with as many random people as humanly possible. Consequences be damned!


  16. This is the REAL world here, haha! Get it on, brutha!

  17. word! funny. that’s jamie from Real World San Diego…damn…I want my MTV.

  18. so funny!

  19. Most spoofs are lame. This one is pro. And who is the sexy Passion woman?
    Yes, three IS the magic number!

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