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somebody using IS for adult-dating websites?

i was wondering, They Got Those advertisements allover the internet about adult-dating, Something More Than a facebook or myspace and it’s interesting =)))) IS people really use it to find a sex bodies))) it’s not important, but. . . if it’s really maybe i got a chance to find Some)))) thank you


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    If you’re a guy, the answer is no, there is no website where you can go to find “hot singles in your area” who defy the laws of nature and are willing to sleep with you. If you’re unattractive in real life, nothing is going to be different on those sites, except you’ll be surrounded by billions of other hopeless guys who are also looking for something that doesn’t exist. Those sites are fronts for webcam stripping operations.

  2. Actually to be honest a lot of those sites really are legit. There are cam sites out there yes, but on a lot of the sites the girls have to pay also. Try this site.. http://wwww.casuallydating.com it’s real, its for casual dating.

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