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Sorry for Asking here but Yahoo Answers needs an “adult dating” category. Ok, How Many Times have you dated. . ?

. . . someone, Had the relationship end, date them again, had it end, date them again, ect. . . . before it finally Worked? Second question. . . How Many Times shoulds you give it a go if you think It could be a great relationship? Third question. . . . how much of a rest period / break shoulds give you before Contacting That person again?


  1. I would always give someone a second chance especially if I loved them but after that forget it.

  2. it’s over, move on.

  3. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (R.I.P.) could tell you all about this kind of destructive, all-consuming, passionate, amazing, hateful, joyful, can’t-live-with-you, can’t-live-without-you type of relationship.

    It only works if both party’s are complete drama queens and are overwhelmingly sexually dynamic together.

    Otherwise, it’s complete hell and totally pointless.

    Good luck.

  4. I’ve never gone back to someone after a break-up and can’t imagine putting a timeframe on a separation to return to the same person…why do you think it would be a great relationship if you can’t keep it together in the first place?

  5. If it didn’t work by the second time, there would not be a third or fourth etc…Move on and find another

  6. My current boyfriend and i broke up once and got back together. It is working well so far. We were together for a year and a half, broke up for 6 months and then got back together, and have been together since. September will be 4 years that we’ve been together (but that is including the time we were broken up) its working well and we are happy together. He always believed that once you have lived with someone and it doens’t work it wont wokr agian but here we are living together for the second time and its working out well for us:D
    I think that after 3 times, its a clear sign, its NOT going to work.
    thats just my opinion.
    the amount of time to be apart before contacting them? hm… im not sure, when we were broken up, we still talked all the time, the first 2 months of being apart we still talked every day, said we loved eachother and weren’t with other people, but we lived 7 hours apart becuase i moved back in with my parents, for about a month we stopped talking, i lost my mind and went crazy on him and he couldn’t stand to talk to me, but i didn’t give up talking to him and we began talking again after about a month. he started seeing another girl and we learned to become friends, when he ended things with her and saw stability in me we began disucssion maybe getting back together but there was no guaruntee. then we got back together when he got a promotion to move back to the town i was living in. Its been great since then. but because we weren’t ever really out of touch, im not too sure if you stop talking to the person when you contact them again. i think if you can go a significant time without one word to each other, your gonna be together happly becuase its obviously not that important to either person.

  7. NO kidding that category is necessary . . . and really, I’d say they call ’em “exes” for a reason. I’ve never gone back to an ex, never wanted to . . . I had a cousin though remarry (and re-divorce) the same person, so I know it’s been done.
    2nd question . . . as long as it’s a mutual “give it a go” and nobody’s being a “pity date” — heck, as many times as the feelings are genuinely mutual. Like I said, not my cup o’ tea, but whatever floats your boat,
    3rd question . . . yeesh. Depends on the person, and who broke up with whom. 6 month minimum I think would be a good starting point.

  8. Me and my partner have had two major break ups, both that lasted around a month. Together for 7 years, things went downhill, (or 7 year itch lol) and we separated. Found our way back only to separate again a year or two later. The second time apart we both grew and learned more about ourselves.
    It’s been four years since then and looking back, the separation we did have was necessary for our relationship to be where it is today.
    I think if you are meant to be with a person, they will come back into your life. It might sound a bit weird, but ask the universe for the person to come back into your life and you may just run into them or find them calling you!
    It does have to be a commitment on both parts, though. Else it just doesn’t work.


  9. If I thought it could be a great relationship, there wouldn’t have been a break up in the first place. Relationships shouldn’t be about drama.
    I feel people are ex’s for a reason. Not knocking people who give it another go, maybe it works for some.

  10. Well, I am Single.

    If i date someone and decide to n ot date any longer, that is it. I don’t go back for more. Once is all it takes for me to know

  11. The only time I got back “together” with someone I had dated previously was for a FWB arrangement. I wouldn’t go back to a failed relationship hoping for a real relationship. I don’t think it can be a great relationship if we can’t make it work during a dating period.

  12. Prior to getting married, I had a few relationships that were on/off – eventually you just move on – relationships like that very rarely work.

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