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Teen and Adult Dating Laws?

Well. I’m a teenager, still in highschool. I REALLY like this legal adult. He’s. . . Quite a bit older than me, I’m cautious about who I Obviously hangout with. I’m not a stupid teenager. Because I prefer Their mature adults, Respectful, and treat you like a Human Being! Unlike all teenagers XD Who want s. e. x and to do drugs. . . I know, I know adults want s. e. x too, aim it’s not always like their humpin ‘your leg. . . Anyways. . He’s Promised not to try anything until i am 18. I’m a year and a bit from 18. . Is it legal if we just date? He’s 20 + years older than me. DO NOT JUDGE! XD Their so sweet and cute. ; _; So no sexual crap, I know the s. e. x law. Just wondering if We Can just DATE. Nothing else. Is this possible? Thanks guys. Oh, I’m Canadian too. (Not sure if that helps. XD) Cdn You guys say he’s a pedo, I know he’s goal not. I’ve Known HIM for little over 2 years. I trust Him and like him ALOT. I Think That Any adult dates a smart teenager Is not a pedo. I think it’s cute. Age is just a number and we only live once. . I read Saying That Some items dating is okay. Any sexual activities golden goal touch is a BIG no-no. Just dating folks. . . Holding hands and kissing. Nothing bad.


  1. bronzebabekentucky

    He’ll go to prison for dating you. If you wait until you are 18, you’ll probably find out he isn’t for you anyway.

  2. law is if your both under 18 you can date, or if he’s only 6 years older than you you can date (with parental consent)
    otherwise it’s a big no-no

  3. lil.ms.seductive

    ijm a canadian too and let me jut say he sounds like a perv… im sorry but any man dating a kid just isnt right…. i mena this guys prolly in his late 30s or early 40s..hes old enough to be your dad… thats just sick

  4. bridal connection

    I’d be really careful here because not only is the law a serious matter but so is you health and safety. Think of it this way, how many partners has he been with (yes even kissing causes disease), has he been in trouble with the law, is he married, is he not controlling you emotionally, etc. Where is your parents in all of this? Canadian law would be different than here in the states but statutory rape may be a Canadian law too.

    Just be careful, you don’t want a disease, be heart broken because he is married, or be in serious danger that your just not aware of yet.

    And to answer your question, even dating can get him and you into serious trouble.

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