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The issues with adult dating

So after being in a relationship for four years and being single for two. I have alot of issues with dating and new relationships To find my homegirl jackie you can tweet her at @rhozaystyle oh and her tumblr isLuvherstyle so ….yea get at her


  1. @thevoid385 hahaha well the guy that i was talking about in the video we have known each other since i was like 16 but i never really gave him the time of day until this past year. Im not tough to approach but i am hard to like get at relationship wise but i am a sweet heart lol. So that is a pretty good read. Im never mean to dudes just take me a while to take them serious lol

  2. Peace Queen. congrats on the relationship….but I have a quest… How did the gentleman approach you? Cuz no offense you seem like a real tough lady to approach. lol but oddly enough in a sweet way. so yeah just asking.

  3. @Myregularasslife nice nice.. ya, keep doin’ your videos, ilike how they funny, but at the same time have perspective.. it’s rare to find funny girls.. not to sound sexist or anything.

  4. @hishimana Hahahah shes back up at my school im back home, she may be in another video or two when i go up in visit =)

  5. whatever happened 2 ur dancing friend,, homegirl was crazy cute.. looked asian or sumtn.. not gonna lie part of the reason isubscribed was cu of dat vid.. oh.. and iguess ukinda interesting…lol. tsall jokes nukka

  6. shit the last time i was is a relationship i was 20 and now i am 23.. and been single 3yrs.. i dont know how to do anything in this new stage of life.. especially so i am so fucking confused.. i help all my younger and even older friends wit relationship & my ass can get or a good woman for nothing.. i dont even know where to go and find one at. I just having the feeling i am gonna be single forever lol

  7. your young so it ain’t like your bio-clock alarm is ringing so take it easy, I think woman want to know the future before it comes so yall wanna know “are we together?” Men look @ it like “aren’t we together a lot?” so go by actions, they’ll tell u b4 his words will & u have 2 go by his “after sex” actions. If he’s still the same & even better then your his girl. What u don’t want 2 do is start asking questions u didn’t ask b4. In adult dating actions speak way louder than wods.

  8. for me because i’m not havin sex there’s still a conversation involved. i.e. We’ve been seein each other for a while now. Do you see a future with me?

    Thats why “meet the parents” phase is a big deal still in adult dating. Cuz its not like high school where every person you date you gotta bring to yo parents house since you live there anyway. But you decide where you wanna go wit this. questions like kids? habits? likes? religion? values? must be discussed before the bf/gf thing.

  9. fb is official in a relationship.
    And usually wit adults they mark the beginning of their relationship wit the first time they have sex.

  10. Really doe?? jus frosted flakes n luccy charms? Frosted Mini Wheats cant get no love??? Wat about Crunch berries? MAN….dis nigga would be a cereal racist! lol

  11. ITS 2011 AND THAT NIGGA FINALLY GOT A NEW COMPUTER, GLOOOOOOOOORRRYYY BE TO JESUS AND TOUCAN SAM AHAHAHA welcome to the technology age -_- far as dating, if both of you make a pact that your TOGETHER, rather it be online, long distance or whatever then that pact should be honored by both. far as when to FUCK and what to do together, let the wind guide you pocahontas -_- youd be suprised how much things Dont Change from your highschool years…

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