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What advice would you (or do you) give your 16 year old son about dating?

I have my dating Concerns about growing today, and about what young men are expected to tolerate. I am wondering about your perceptions. Caveat: please keep it Appropriate for all audiences and sensibilities, and please do not rant.


  1. Hmmmm dating. You’re an idiot, get out my house.

  2. I would advise him to bring a pen cam and keep it running the entire time from before the date to 1 hour after it so as to give him a legal defence in the case that he is falsely charged with rape.

  3. I would tell him to always be genuine, be honest about how he feels (a lot of boys feel pressure to be manly or to have sex earlier and I think it’s important to tell him that only he will know when he’s ready), be a gentleman (that doesn’t mean getting walked over), and to have fun! You don’t have to be in a serious relationship right away. 🙂

  4. Treat the Lady you date as a Lady; she’s a person and you need to respect her interests and situations before you expect to get lucky. She lives at a different tempo than a boy, so SLOW DOWN.

  5. I have no kids, so I have to think here. When I was a teen in the ’70’s, everyone was into partying and having sex. And I think kids still are. I would tell him not to drink and drive. And I would tell him if he and a girl were going to have sex, to WEAR A CONDOM. And I would buy him plenty of condoms. Having a baby out of wedlock has ruined the lives of plenty of young people.

  6. my son had his first girlfriend at 17. she wanted him to spend all his time with her and to ignore his friends. she was jealous of everyone he knew. she got more possessive as time went on and picked fights with him and then blamed him for it. then in the next breath she carried on as if nothing happened, leaving my son emotionally drained. my advice to him was to be true to himself and not be verbally and emotionally abused by a girl who was not ready for a relationship. i think at 16, boys and girls are too immature to have heavy r/ships which leads to adult situations and problems. teens should be having fun and enjoying life/friends without all the emotional dramas of r/ships. fortunately my son had enough of her abuse and they broke up. he has respect for others which is important for dating advice too.

  7. crǝǝpy cupcake ♥

    Always wear a condom, no exceptions.

  8. At that age range, girls will be the easiest to get into bed until maybe their 40’s when they will come after the man. They are exploring their sexuality and think sex is a recreational activity no different than strolling in the park. If he chooses to take advantage of that, wear a condom. Don’t get emotionally attached, and DO NOT say or be “in love” with her. Once women get a little older, they raise the price significantly for access to their vaginas (emotionally and financially). Don’t treat the girls like princesses. Don’t abandon other life activities for her.

  9. Tell him if he is going to ride the bike always wear a crash helmet… if you know what I mean.

  10. I didn’t have any sons, I had daughters. I taught them the truth. I taught them to behave, to be polite, to be respectful, to be courteous and to be themselves. I told them to respect their body, and that there are teenage boys that will attempt to tell them just about anything to try to get them to have sex with them. I taught them that they should expect the same treatment from a young man on a date, and nothing less.

    Ironically, I never recall telling my daughters that a man should pay for their dates, nor do I ever recall my parents telling me that, either… Hmmmm….!

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