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What Are The Best Totally free adult dating site Plenty of Fish Beside myspace and facebook?


  1. Do a search on Usenet for Bears

  2. hereinyourarms.

    uhhh tagged, bebo.
    you could use piczo, but it’s more of a make your own website than dating.

  3. Hey there

    To be totally honest. I don’t think they are any. I asked the same question and have been looking for a while now and I haven’t found any.

    My advice would be to go with AdultFriendFinder.It’s not totally free,but I’d say it’s worth it and thats what I ended up doing.

    It’s Free to Join & Free to Search. If you find what someone you are interested in then and only then do you need to pay. and it’s cheap too.

    Can’t recall the exact rate but it is certainly popular & has alot of good members.

    Free to join and free to search. Worth a try. You can’t loose anything just by checking it out.

    Hope this helps.

  4. singlesnet.net
    ipod touch has a lot of dating applications, one thats called “whos here” shows users within a certain distance which is super cool
    meteroservice.com (something like that)
    american singles.net or .com
    craigslist.com under the personals section (you post an ad saying what you want/looking for) you can post a pic or not, up to you, and people repond to you with their pic

  5. Hi there,

    I think that the best of the adult websites(if you’re asking about those websites that match you up with a sex partner)is absolutely : http://passion.com/go/g1094584 because it has worked so well with me.

  6. Hi Billy,

    The sites you mentioned are not exactly what I would call “adult dating sites”:. When you consider facebook for example, minors are allowed on the site therefore it can certainly not be called an “adult” site.

    If you are looking for a dating site made for adults that is totally free you can try metrodate. The following link leads to a review of the site with a preview of the chat rooms and email features http://freechatrooms.blogspot.com/2009/03/chat-and-email-for-free.html

    As I said, the site is free, they never ask for your credit card information so you are sure they will never bill you for anything ever. Without paying a cent you will enjoy all the features you would find on any premium dating site. Just check it out and see for yourself.

  7. Danu Ist Der Man

    http://cafebar.ro : free forever, even special services like video chat. Avoid the other dating sites that use the formula: Free Registration – that’s exactly what you’ll get, free registration and nothing more.
    On Dating Cafe the services are also free, not only the registration; plus, they’re safe, they have a powerfull anti-scam system.

    I strongly recommand them – I have an account there, too.

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