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What are the odds I find my future wife?

is an Adult Dating Website?


  1. Vivian says "Herpes"

    eHarmony.com is the place to be!

  2. 40%

  3. look for one on y!a

  4. it’s called an ADULT DATING website cuz its a one night stand hookup thingie…

    so yeah thats not gonna work out for u

  5. It`d be yours and….everyone elses…

  6. WHY? you can’t afford to buy a wife?

  7. i don’t know

  8. i am squidward
    hear me ROAR!

  9. Very Slim…..!!

  10. looking like that i don’t think you’ll ever find a wife!

  11. 23% i would say

  12. Terry,JackofHearts

    That’s a marvelous idea.Would you like one of mine, slightly used?

  13. prolly 30%. wow. most serious answer i posted all day.

    hurry everyone thumbs me down!!

  14. dude, you still got it, get out there and do it local.

  15. Myspace, Facebook, Eharmony, Match.com…or just go out to the clubs and see if find any attractive girls and start up a conversation.

  16. Pretty good as long as you went to a good dating site and not a smut site

  17. Please why not do it in person and find somkeone that you see and admirwe and get to know. People do way to much online. No realness in people anymore. Text to break up met on line. What the heck how are the kids hearing conversaion so they can learn if were on the net all the time. It actually breaks down the morals of the world.

  18. eharmony? iono ill tell you wen i get that desperate for company cause i find myself that boring i need another earthling for entertainment.

  19. adult as in XXX type adult or as in over 18 more adult type issues site…. all I can say is good luck I wish you well but I doubt on sites like I have a feeling your talking about ya arent going to find a GOOD wife at least

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