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What do parents think-about teenagers dating adults, and Does gender matter?

A Few weeks ago I saw a TV psychiatrist was breakfast television show Say That it is healthy and natural for a teenage girl to date a young adult man, sick and sexually exploitative purpose for a teenage boy to date a young adult woman, As They Would Have Nothing in common except sex, and ET Would Have Nothing to offer except her body history. When I was 20 and at university, I dated a 15 year old high school boy. We had a pretty normal relationship with normal dates (movies, walks, study dates, hanging out with Each Other’s friends and family etc.) and Had a Lot to Talk About With Each Other, as We had Many shared int


  1. i think that if you are within a few years of each other in age, there is nothing wrong with it. for example, a 18 year old leaving for college and still dating their 16 year old sweetheart who is still in school. other than that, i don’t think anyone that is out of high school should date someone who is.

  2. They are thinking what you want them to think. It is as bad as homosexuality or lesbianism.

    You may be interested in some sex roller coaster rides. you will never get any parental approval for that sort of things.

  3. I believe in peace b!tch

    I think, regardless of who is the adult and who is teenager, when sex is involved it becomes inappropriate.

  4. Well I know my mom would love to hear about me and dating but being in grade 8 dating isn’t getting anywhere. Its just declaring two kids like eachother. Anyhow I dont share it with my mom but she always talks to me how I shouldn’t go on myspace and all that jazz because of older guys mistaking my pictures and blah blah. She once asked if she could look at my myspace but nO WAY. I used an excuse and said well it inactivated, she didn’t understand lol. Anyway I think it all depends on who the person is and if they connect 😉

  5. ♥They call me mom♥

    I’m kind of iffy on this one. I have 2 daughters so I want to say I wouldn’t have it, but at the same time their father and I were in this situation. We started dating a month after I turned 17 and he was 20. We had sex after a while obviously. My parents also did the same, had the same age difference, were the same ages as my fiance and I were. My parents were also married for 16 years. Personally, I think the age of consent is set for a reason. Here in Ohio, 16 is the age of consent but the “adult” can be no more than 4 years older. I think it makes sense.

  6. i think that teens should be focused on important things like themself, not dating and yes you are a female molester like it or not that boy was considered innocent i dont care how intelligent he played to be what the two of you had in common it was a sick thing and if teens are going to date i hope the parents are like me i want to see the boy/girl report card to see if this puppy love blosoms who will be the provider and who will be the remote control teens dont need to be dating adults we are labled for a reason

  7. i personally dont think its nothin wrong with datin older guys im 17 and my man is 23 i was with him since i was 13 and my mother like him and she was one of those stricked ones we love each other alot

  8. I don’t think there is anything wrong with. I’m 18 and i am dating a man in his early twenties. I was 17 (just turned two months before) when we started dating he was 21 almost 22. My parents didn’t understand it but they were cool with it. The like him ya know after they got to know him. I think it is a little weird for a young adult woman to date a teenage boy. . . because boys mature slower than girls. At least most boys. As for the older young adult men dating younger girls. . .it’s still a little odd, but the thing is that teen girls tend to mature at a much faster pace and are pretty equal with most young adult men (less than 25). However I don’t think anyone should date at all until they’re at least 16 years old. I know I couldn’t have handled dating any younger than that. . I was much to “unstable” if you would, still highly emotional and a relationship would have been much to stressful and emotionally devastating for me and most 15yr olds and younger that I know or the ppl I knew when they were 15. Good Luck.

  9. I am a mother of 3 and I met my husband when I was 17 and he was 25 at the time,and I am still very much in love with him 15 nearly 16 years later.To me it depends on the individual person.Some teenagers are more mature and have their head screwed on more than others.My eldest daughter is nearly 14,and at the moment I think she is way to young to date any one,but if she was 17,had her head screwed on tightly,and had plans and goals for herself for the future,I really wouldn’t have a problem with her dating some one a little older than her.

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