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What do you do if someone you sign for an adult dating site?

I’m divorcing, and I think my husband signed me up for an adult dating site, because I got the e-mail giving you your login information, and I never even heard of this site, but it seems to be well enough porn. I think he will try to use something like that to have found me unfit. I’ve sent customer service and I told them I never signed and did not want to be part of their site. In addition to telling my lawyer Monday, what can I do?


  1. Change/delete your email addresses and start fresh so he cant use your information and change ALL passwords you have. He’s obviously being immature if she’s pulling this garbage with you. Do not tolerate it. Good Luck

  2. Actually, not much as the companies have an agreement that has to be checked that you “agreed” to that says all info that goes on the site is theirs to do what they want with and they will leave it up there forever cuz your a female.

  3. I was just in your shoes this past summer. My ex-husband did that exact thing to me on a “Cougar” website Bless his freaking soul, he even came up with a raunchy on-line name for me: EasyMeat……nice-huh? All I simply did was thanked him for the 32 responses I had within 20min-(LOL) and then I canceled the account. I also contacted customer service like you did, so that there would be a record of it, and that’s where it stopped. In my e-mail I also informed him of that and added that those places have your IP address so it didn’t do him well to deny it was him. I believe you’ve done what you can but if you are in a situation where the uncertainity of your chid/childrens future lays then I would definitely notify your lawyer of the event. I wish you luck!!

  4. Telling your lawyer will result in nothing because you can prove nothing!!!

    There’s nothing to do. You’ve notified customer service. That’s it.

  5. For ever in my Heart

    I wouldn’t over react. perhaps someone is either trying to sign you up for a better fit or not who cares. just delete it you know your not going to the site so what do you care. Hope you find someone who works for you down the road.

  6. Since you have already cancelled them, keep a copy of that e-mail and block anything coming in from that address. That should keep you safe.

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