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What do you do if you found? photos fianc

I pr? Present before him many times but still no? and lied? I think I have batteries? m? done. I have proof he is involved? in this act be pornographic, and shared his sexual fantasies in all women in the net, sp? cially young women? changistes. We have plans to get married, but knowing everything is giving me a doubt that he not show his sincere? Laughs? and respect for me? be his partner in life. . . .


  1. cut your loss now.!!!!!!!!!!!! better to find out now and not years from now with kids involved in the mess.

  2. well first i have to wonder, what were you doing on the dating site to begin with
    and second, either she comes clean or the wedding is a no go.
    trust is a fundamental part of a marriage without it you have nothing

  3. Why do you even have doubts? Run away!!! Get a proper relationship. Your partner is decietful and perverted.

  4. I had the something similar happen. I found naked pics of my husband on his computer AFTER we were married. He was on some site that was for dating and God only knows what else. I deleted the photos and told him that he needed to let go of his past lifestyle. He knew what he was getting into when he married me and that I didn’t approve. He forgot the pics were on the computer and deleted his memebership right away.

    If your fiancee respects you he will do the same. Once he marries you, that is for your eyes only.

  5. Tell him to take them down – if you seriously want to marry this guy and vice versa, then he should not be advertising his wares on the internet – it is not just harmless fun on his part – its a beginning to a betrayal. Getting married is officialy taking yourself off the market – its the internet dating sites or you – he’s got to make a choice.

  6. dump him! he’s a cyperfreak

  7. cattledog_vinnie

    if he’s denying this, time to boot his butt to the curb. why marry someone you can’t trust. this is the foundation to the relationship. what’s next that he will lie to you about? good luck

  8. If I found naked photographs of my fiancee on an adult dating site, I would ask myself why I am visiting an adult dating site if I am going to be married.

  9. I think it has less to do with sincerity and respect to you being his partner in life and more to do with his fear of discussing his feelings and fantasies with you because of your possible reaction. In short, he doesn’t trust you not to freak-out if you knew his fantasies and thus who he really is. So he lies to you so that he doesn’t have to face that and the possibility of the loss of your relationship.

    I think you both need to come clean to each other in a non-confrontational and non-judgemental way.

    I always am amazed that people will be more open and honest with strangers than the one that should love and accept them without question: their spouse. Why is this so? Because they are afraid of being judged by the one person that shouldn’t judge them. The one person who’s opinion of them matters the most in the world. So they hide their real feelings, emotions, and fantasies from them. Then in divorce they say things like “She/he never really understood me.”

    I wonder why?

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