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What do you think about white girls dating black guys?

I’m from the south and all the teens do it. Aim the adults DO NOT accept.


  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Skin color is only skin deep.

  2. It’s 2010 , it shouldn’t matterr.

  3. I dont really care…i see it every now and then

  4. I personally wouldn’t date a black guy, but I’m not morally opposed to it. Adults do not accept it because it was unheard of when they were growing up, and well, adults are more conservative than teens.

  5. Date who you want to date. It would be cool if people stopped looking at everything as black, white, hispanic or gopher. I may have to try me one of those gophers though?

  6. think? I know they’re pretty much sluts. I’d say 99% of them are. Of course, 1% may not be. They’re just looking for that large, black sausage.

  7. eh , its whatever,

  8. I think………..they’re gonna have some super cute kids. Have you seen interracial kids? Totes adorbs, bro!

  9. being a single white guy i find it a bit annoyed that they’d rather date a black guy over me to be totally honest . although they tend to date the more quality black guys and not the gangster type around here .

  10. I think its a wonderful things.god made us all the same..so why should people be ashame

  11. Ansleigh Carera

    Why does it matter where you’re from?

    If you’re from the south, that thought shouldn’t even enter your head.

  12. It’s none of my business. Date someone who makes you happy.

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