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What do you think of a 16 year old (in college) adult dating year (in college)?

People Are Always Saying That Should not date people older teens Than Them Because “they are in different stages of life.” Well, what if They Were in the Same course in life? There are Many Minor in college.


  1. How old is the adult we’re talking about? If you mean 17 or 20ish, sure, whatever. If you mean 30, no way. Just because you’re both in college doesn’t mean you’re going through the same things. People have that ‘stage of life’ opinion because its a good one. You need to date someone that you are compatible with.

  2. I think a 16 year old dating an adult in any situation is not a good idea. There are a lot of things that could go wrong in that kind of relationship.

  3. Well its up to you what you choose, your life, its not about stages, if you like each other, thats good, aslong as hes not taking you along for the ride

  4. Vegan heartbroken chick

    If he’s under 30, then that’s okay. If not, no way. If he IS over 30, wait until you’re at least 18.

  5. I think since girls mature 4 years faster than boys, girls should date guys who are older than them.

    Boys the same age are soooo imature.

    Maybe if a girl is 16 she should be dating guys around the age of 18 or 19.

    Im 16, will be 17 in july. 37 weeks pregnant, And Im starting a college class in june. Im single (by choice) and if I was to dat a guy he’s be in college as well and with a job.

    I dont want a little boy as a companion:]

  6. As one of the other answerers has said, it’s mainly going to depend on the age of the adult, and why they’re in college at that point in their life. If they’re 18/19 and in college, then it’s probably ok (although it’s always going to depend on the couple in question).

    However, just because they’re both in college doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ‘in the same stage in life’. I know people in their early twenties who decided to take a couple of years out to travel or work and then went to college. I also know some people who are in their thirties and fourties who have decided to retrain to start a new job and who are at college. My grandmother went to college a few years back because she wanted to take some painting classes. Even completely aside from the age difference, each of these people will have experienced different things in life, and there will be a huge difference in maturity, in all probability, between them and a 16 year old.

    In a general sense, I don’t believe in judging other couples, because it’s their lives that they’re living, not mine. However, if it was my 16 year old son or daughter who was dating someone over the age of 20, I would most likely question what they wanted with my child. Couples work best when the two people have things in common and are of similar levels of maturity. A 16 year old and a 25 year old may have interests in common and may be studying the same course at college, but if their life experience is the same and their maturity level and independence are the same, there’s something seriously wrong with the 25 year old.

    Hope this helps.

  7. My wife is 22 and I’m 24 we met in high school and her parents didn’t like it. If he’s only 2-3 years older I don’t think there’s a problem but having said that as my wifes parents were like yours might be, worried he might take advantage of you or force you into something like sex or drugs.

  8. How old is this adult?

    Even if both are in college, that does not mean that they are in the same stages of life. The adult has probably experienced much more than the teen has and has a very different level of understaning of the world.

  9. Only those 2 thick 2 ans report

    Im sorry but how is a typical uni student a fully mature adult?

    Ladt time I head its party, date, part prank, party, gig, club, sports or other club, hang with friends and check out the opposite sex which shock horror is what your average 16 year old is also into

    Sor really dont see the problem the only real difference is one is in a student hall and legal to by alchol and the other still with parents and has to get sneakiy to get in most nightclubs . We were clubbing since 16 in nightclubs which had a lot of 16-17 year olds and they were the ones doing the most making out.

    So You dont really get to different stages of life till you have kids and in long term realtionships with high level responsible jobs.

    Most likely these two would meet in the same crappy student work place like a burger bar.

    And just as solder does not make you any more mainipulative or any of that nonsense as you get assholes both ages and nice guys…

    Naughty but nice is the best combo

    So in realoity those in early 20s and late teens down to 16 all hang out together especailly when peoples siblings are involved ie so in so’s olderr brother or sister so no big deal.

    Also the older one may still be a virgin or clueless about the opposite sex especailly if parents pushed abstenance

  10. Well Age Is Nothing But A Number But It Isnt The Brightest Idea For A 16 Year Old In College To Date An Adult In College Because Its More Imporant To Be Paying Attention To Your Work In College Then In Dating Others .

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