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What do you think of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Dating?

Ok, i know the’ve beens dating a while now, in fact there married the goal difference is enormous age, it’s actually kinda gross, Mariah Carey is 40, and Nick Cannon is 27, tell me what you think about that?


  1. kind of award but they seem like a good couple

  2. ithink nick is toooooooo good for her! shes freakin 40 years old&&acts slutty…like she tries to look young.

  3. I think its awesome when 2 things I don’t care about are in one place. Makes it easier to avoid.

  4. honestly age does not matter to me as long as he isnt old enough to be your dad. 13 year difference seems like alot but if the are equally mature adults that are in love i dont see why thats a problem

  5. *~Im Hot Y0uR NoT~*

    they married and i think it’s a lil disgusting i dont like mariah carey that much and iv always loved me some nick cannon

  6. well. if theyre in love. all they want is people to accept them. yes i think its disgusting. but they claim to love wach other…

  7. Why should we even care about this?

    Gossip is so stupid. Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean you have the right to criticize who they date. I mean, get a life. Just let Mariah and Nick do whatever the hell it is they want with their lives for crying out loud.

  8. Demi Moore has Ashton… ;~;

  9. Who are we to judge them? If they found happiness in that crazy world known as Hollywood, then good for them. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  10. i don’t like the age difference

  11. MsHunnii (Team Jeff BB11)

    I don’t think the age difference is gross because Nick and Mariah are well pass the legal adult age. I notice a lot of negative opinions about Nick and mariah, but when Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore hooked up ppl were praise them telling Demi way to good girl. And she is like 15 teen years older than him what up with that?

  12. age is nothing but a number.. look at mariah..

    She might be 40, but she looks very very young.. she looks as old as Nick and her smile and the way she acts looks as if she is young at heart too..

    Lol, he’s a very lucky guy.. other 27 year olds actually look way older than Mariah, plus she’s got a great career and it seems that they care about each other.. lol.. Nice one Nick!

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