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What happens if a minor dates an adult in different states?

Let’s say a guy over a girl under 20 and from 18 different states Have Been dating and find out the relatives. So They decided to call the local police Where the adult lives. What sort of work Does the local police take? Do they just drop the incident Because Lack of evidence? Actually do they keep tabs on the adult and his whereabouts? Would They confront him to issue what hes doing? Please only real answers if you know about this stuff. I’m just curious for a friend. OK thanks!


  1. Dating isn’t an issue, unless it’s against the parents wishes. Sexual contact (and it doesn’t have to be intercourse, anything below the neck).

    They would determine if there is sexual activity and where it occurred. It’s also illegal to bring a minor across state lines for sexual purposes just because of this jurisdictional issue.

    What you have on phones, computers, etc. can be evidence. And nothing is ever truly deleted.

  2. Dating is totally legal, as long as no sexual activity takes place. If you tell the police that they are “dating”, then they will laugh at you. No crime has been committed. Nowhere in your question do you mention that anyone is having sex.

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