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What is so wrong with adult dating a minor year?

I’m a 21 year young guy Who is dating a 16 year old girl. I Turned 21 Earlier this year and she turns 17 in August. This Is What MOST people in United States Would think seeing as soon as That sentence “Oh my god, He Is Such A pervert and horrible person. What is wrong with this sicko.” That Is Because MOST adults assume That if you are dating Someone, You are HAVING sex. Now assume THEY That Every single person over the age of 17 IS Completely mature. Like When you hit the age 18, you are all of the sudden, magically year adult and No Longer childish. I just think so Many People are narrow minded and think for Themselves Unable to. Theys just go along with What Everyone Else Thinks. In this case, They follow the media and government. If a 17 year old dating a WAS 16 year old, it is fine and ok. Let’s pretend it IS a cute and sincere relationship Where The Two really love Each Other, everyone compliments how cute THEY look. Goal then, all of the sudden When The 17 year old turns 18, it turns Into a discussion about how wrong and perverted the 18 year old is. A good example celebrity IS dating Selena Gomez Justin Bieber. I’m not a fan of Either of ’em, but i feel bad for Selena Gomez Because She Was Called a perv for dating HIM When She Turned 18. Now I am 21, and in college. Usually people assume So That I am a heavy drinker Who clubs and party all the time. That’s the goal thing, I do not. I’m kind of weird. I guess you Could Say I’m immature for my age. . . aim at the Same Time, You Could say I am mature Actually Because I do not drink or party, or Have one night stands. I’ve never drank or done drugs. I do not look for Relationships for sex. I look for Relationships To Have Someone to share stuff with, hang out with, cuddle with at scary movies, just be close to. I’m not like MOST guys in the college sense, I goof off a lot. I still love watching cartoons, I hate politics, and I have a sensitive side (I actually like sappy love story movies and I’m straight… Weird huh?) Consider myself I do not really adult year. Have you ever seen Spongebob? That Is A Good Way for me to compare myself. I am adult Legally year, like Spongebob, but i act more like a kid. Why? Because I do not like talking about the grown ups are Things That Supposed To stereotypically. If Two adults are talking about a cartoon, a video game, or are skateboarding, everyone looks at ’em like There Is Something Wrong with Them. What is so wrong with having fun? Basically what I’m Trying to get at here, Is That I think MOST people just look at ages and forget That PERSONALITY MATTERS MOST ESTABLISHED Because of These ideas of what a person of a certain age IS Supposed to act like. I love my girlfriend. I’ve only HAD 3 Entire my life, They by the way Other Two Were Both Younger than me 2 years. We Have a lot in common. She says she loves how I’m not afraid to act goofy or weird all the time and I love how She Does not is down to earth and Does not mind me being myself. And for all you Who are just searching for this Particular statement. . . we arent HAVING sex. . . Even Though It Is Perfectly Legal Where we live, i would never do anything to hurt and Her Even Though She Has Asked Actually, I Told Her It Would Probably Be Better to Wait Until she’s 18. I love her, I do not care if We Have sex or not, I just love Being With Her. By the way, I’ve put aussi Her parents and she tells me THEY Both like me, Which is a first apparantly For Her dad. So my issue IS, Why is everyone So Much Focused on numbers? What Ever Happened To That phrase “Personality MATTERS MOST”? Why are people so shallow minded? I’m sorry if I offended anybody, it just kind of goal hurts When Someone Says Something about how it is weird for me to Be dating a 16 year old. And the thing IS, Actually I look Younger than I am. A week ago, we HAD Actually Someone call us a cute couple Because We Were Each Other finishing sentences, then Sami That person found out our ages and now THEY stare at me like I’m Some horrible person.

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  1. Jessica Mcdonnel

    There is nothing wrong with dating a minor if you truly aren’t in it for sex. You seem like a sweet guy who’s loyal and good to your girlfriend, so there’s nothing wrong with it. Most people were just brought up to look down on that kind of thing, but society has changed and people should change with it. Just ignore all the people who criticize you or her, because you are doing nothing wrong. Good luck with your girlfriend, she’s lucky to have a guy like you instead of a jerk.

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