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What is the best dating site for adults? date?

I begin? think most adult dating sites on there are plenty of bot profiles. When I sign for the initial registration time I re? Ois usually a large number of r? Answers false promises. I would like v? Rifi profiles to date widely advertise this member has no sign? for months.


  1. I met my husband on match.com… it took about 6 months but it did work.

  2. eharmony

  3. Plentyoffish.com is free!

  4. match.com & eHarmony seem to be the best legit

  5. I’ve contacted and been contacted by a number of people on match.com…no bots that I’m aware of.

    Dating sites are hit/miss just like offline is…it’s not always easy to meet people who we connect well with.

    Hang in there…the upside to dating sites is they give us a chance to “meet” people who might never have crossed our path otherwise, even if they live in our local area.

  6. I don’t understand why you would resort to an adult dating site. If you are serious about dating, there are tons of different ways to do that. Remember this, all of those adult sites are in business to do one thing, and that is to make money. They have absolutely no interest to match you up, or to make sure you score. They will show you that they are, but in actuality, their interests are to make money.
    Find a good club, go look for a social scene and if you get off your computer, you may find the perfect girl……face to face!

  7. I have found all the women that use internet dating are werid shy or crazy try going out more sorry…. dating sucks

  8. Majority of dating sites are filled with fake profiles, theres no way around that and determining which are real and which arent, unless you know someone who owns one that can testify that they are real people and he didnt make fake accounts. I got a free one but its just for asians and asian lovers, and Im not posting a link on here (I dont want it associated with my yahoo profile), so if you like asians, then send me a message and I’ll reply back with the name of the site. I only have about 400 women on there but they are all real.

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