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What is the best dating site for adults?

I joined some free love ok and lots of fish, but now I want to try one of those you have to pay. But I do not want to go waist my money on something that does not work. Any suggestions on a good adult dating site? I do not care if a site IFS not only sex or something.



  2. match.com

  3. rsvp.com you like buy ‘kisses’
    pretty alright i think

  4. Those sites are a plague in my opinion, and an ambitious way of meeting people. They’re not too dissimilar from a prostitute/pimp/client sort of arrangement, with the sites being the pimp. My advice would be to leave all of them for the jerks.

  5. Amateur Match is the one I use… http://tinyurl.com/AmateurMatchUS check it out there (I had to shorten the link). It got really good reviews on google.

  6. I keep coming back to Match.com. You can only e-mail people if you pay and they can only respond if they subscribe as well. They have a 6 month guarantee program where if you follow their guidelines and don’t find your special someone in 6 months you get the next 6 months subscription completely free. The only requirements is to 1.) keep your profile visible 100% of the time, 2.) keep a photo up 100% of the time and 3.) e-mail 5 unique people every month. They don’t have to respond, you just have to e-mail.

    Aside form e-mailing you can wink at people, so they can see your profile and either subscribe and e-mail you back or wink in return if they’re not subscribed, though that would be pointless since you wouldn’t be able to contact them. When subscribed under the 6 month plan you can see when someone’s read your e-mail so you know if they don’t respond but read your e-mail that they are most likely not interested. However, if you e-mail and don’t see that they’ve read the e-mail then they most likely aren’t subscribed so at that point I usually wink at them because they can see that SOMEONE e-mail them, they just won’t know who. By winking I give them an idea of who e-mailed them so if they’re intrigued enough by my profile they can subscribe.

    The people you e-mail or wink at can say “No, thanks, I don’t think we’re a good match” or something along those lines by hitting a button on the page where they view your wink or e-mail and it can send a pre-fabricated message basically telling you they’re not interested. Unfortunately many women don’t even bother to be courteous enough to just hit that button…they just don’t respond. But you’ll find that sort of rude disregard for the other person on just about any site you try.

    I’ve tried Yahoo! personals but I don’t like their interface and system of “icebreakers.”

    I tried perfectmatch.com but their interface is way too clunky and there’s so many different criteria that it would take you 8 hours just to fill out your profile.

    I did eharmony.com once but that was pretty useless and if their system doesn’t match you up with someone there’s no “browse” feature, it just says sorry and won’t let you get any further. They may have changed that since I tried a few years ago, but that just turned me off from their site completely.

    On Myspace there’s also a service called Zoosk. It’s an application where if you’re subscribed the person you’re e-mailing doesn’t have to be subscribed to respond to you. You can also wink.

    In short, I would strongly suggest match.com. There are a lot of women that use the service from what I’ve seen and many women join every day.

    Good luck in your search and I hope you find a significant other you feel completes you and makes you happy.

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  8. OzAdz – UK site

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