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What is the best online adult compl? Ment free dating site?

Adult Site! but where? you can? also learn? widely advertise the people



  2. http://www.plentyoffish.com

    I’m attached, but it even offers the option to list oneself as “just friends” “not single/not looking”. You look at pictures mostly though, so you might overlook some people who don’t fit your physical “type” but match great in terms of personality. Still, it’s a cool site with a nice vibe to it. I’ve met a few friends on it already…and there are TONS of people looking for dates or long term.

  3. baby due october 15!

    Well, In my opinion, online dating sites never work for most people. I think the best way to meet somebody new is to get out of the house, of of the computer, and to somewhere new where people actually are there. For all you know, a young 24 year old babe could turn out to be your grandma! Never trust the internet, because people can lie on there and nobody can stop them. Go out, meet new people, get to now them, and end up happily married. E-harmony, Soul mates, and other commercial sights are junk compared to meeting your true love face to face, not on video chat!

  4. well, I’ve had experience with a game called Second Life. Adults there are allowed to let loose and be themselves, but you usually don’t see a picture, just a character. Other than that I’ve got nothing.

  5. NEver get online to meet a single. Instead, you could meet a stalker. :/

  6. Well you answered my question but honestly I’m 13 so I really don’t know! Ha!

  7. yahoo answers is a good one. if its really meant to be and you met on yahoo answers, it would be.

    just make sure you are always looking for it, no matter where you are. yahoo answers being a potential place. if you have your eyes shut all the time, you may miss your soul mate.

    Will you marry me?

  8. Theres a few good ones. only tried one randyrabbits which is ok and heard ok things on others.
    randyrabbits.com is free for girls.
    friskyflirts.com is good, more worldwide but not free but got cheap 3 day trial its proper adult dating site though.
    randyromps.com is another good one not free

  9. OzAdz – 100% free. It’s the best one if you live in London UK!


  10. mydiscreteplace.com

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