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What is the best way to sell an adult dating site?

There is some nudity, but a clean and elegant. Are all the directories that I submit my site or anyway that I can market preferably without having to pay certain fees or sign up ridiculous? No pay per click choses.Non, it does not show porn or just video images of users may contain nudity


  1. Market it as a free sex site on the internet. 90% of all sex searches on the internet are using these three words.

  2. whats the web address i wanna see it

  3. cacheadvertising

    I really dont know I have never tried to market a site containing such material. Im assuming the trick I use for mine, as far as traffic generation, would still work for yours. Check out http://www.stellartraffic.com

  4. I keep seeing the stellartraffic.com lackeys pimping their wares here. Traffic generation is only that: traffic generation. Doesn’t mean targeted traffic generation at all.

    Adult dating sites are terribly difficult to market. Too many people burned, too many shams out there, and you have to contend with big guys that use TV commercials (eHarmony, ugh).

    But, if you have a niche, you can do search engine marketing/advertising.

    Adult sites also get creative with their advertising. Lots use affiliate marketing where by they let other marketers do the marketing and targeted traffic generation for them.

    But really, unless you are willing to pay for big time email marketing, PPC, and advertising, you have few choices. No directories will generate business for you. People don’t use directories like that. In the years of SEO and Internet marketing that I;ve been, I’ve never seen a single website rely entirely on directory marketing.

    If you’ve got a niche, then you can find some sites that are related ( like a niche for black singles – go to black topic sites) and advertise on those places (banner ads). That’ll get you targeted traffic.

  5. http://www.adgridwork.com/
    This website is great for web advertising. It’s a free targeted advertising (based on you selecting various categories you would like to be included in and it does have an adult section) and link exchange network. You put other websites text ads on your page and yours appears on others. And it really is 100% free, forever. While it’s not something that guarantees traffic it also doesn’t cost anything, so why not try it?

    Good luck!

  6. Through here:

    Search The World – Website Index

    It’s rarely an instant return on the Internet. You need your website coming up relevant to what people “search for” on the Internet. It takes time to get placement in the right places within the Internet and if you’re listed in the right category of searches you stand a better chance of returns. The following is one of the better ways.

    For a small charge you can have a “Permanent” website advertisement placed in an index such as this in a choice of around 750 categories to target your business trade.
    A Permanent listing means getting permanent indexing by search engines.

    This will raise your website profile and increase its chances of extra sales because this site is indexed by the search engines placing your site within “public searches”.

    The advantage of a site like this is that you don’t have to update your listing again.
    For a permanent ongoing promotion:

    This will only cost you $6.00 for a permanent listing that will eventually get picked up in search engine searches. You can also get a much higher profile permanent advertisement as well for $20.00. You never have to list or pay with them again.
    I found free advertising sites don’t work very well but this one off payment site does.
    If you don’t believe me type in “search-the-world.com” into the Yahoo search box and you’ll see thousands of links returned. This site really works and its probably the best kept secret around!

    Search The World Articles

    By using their new articles site:
    You can add articles about products, services or things you know about and add your website url details at the bottom of each. And these get picked up by RSS feeds and get distributed through other sites and through the Internet. You can add as many articles as you like for free. It’s all Free advertising and marketing for you!

    Search The World Free Stores & Auctions

    This is a Free store and auction site from them:
    You get your own shopping store where you can sell either by auction or just like a regular store at “Buy Now” prices. You get your own store Url which you then need to promote yourself to get more customers etc. Promote your store Url just like you would any other form of business and build up your customer base from there. You can use Paypal. Works just like Ebay but you pay no selling fees and its all 100% free to use.

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