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What is the difference between adolescents and adults Dating Personals?

im 12 and I think dating when your teen is a breeze. rant when my friends about their son and his girlfriend so annoying! and instant messaging younger than them! So I was wondering what is the difference between dating wen ur a teenager and dating wen ur an adult.


  1. Learn And Teach

    Maturity and committment.

  2. Going to certain places, like dance clubs, bars, and staying out late.

  3. Cyanide Assassin

    Well, Teenage Dating usually doesn’t last long nor forever. Adult dating is usually considered somewhat serious, long-term, elevated experience, and more suitable to cope with.

  4. Maturity for sure lol

  5. Well, teenage dating is usually about having fun and/or status, and adult dating is usually about finding a life partner.

    Yes, there are exceptions, but that IMO is the generalized difference.

  6. You sound very mature for your age, and you’re right; dating when you are too young to make a serious commitment is like children playing dress-up. As an adult, you are more capable of forming a relationship that benefits the two, and creates a team. You are also able to make a lasting commitment to, and a life with, that person.

  7. Mostly the amount of money spent on the date. also things you are not supposed to know about at age 12

  8. lmste604@ymail.com

    adults or teens? teens do all the same as adults just very immaturely. Adults drive, work, pay bills, take things more seriously.

  9. the difference is like the one between an amateru and a professional.

  10. The difference is that when your in your teens and your dating someone, ur most likely not going to stay together long. And when your an adult and ur dating someone it most likely will be a committed relationship where u know ur going to be together for a long time.

  11. okay dont get it… haha so ur 12 and ur PRE-teen. so are ur friends adults like 20’s? or in their teenage yrs, like 13 and up? but when ur a teen, i guess u dont really know if/what u really feel for that person. when ur an adult u know what ur feeling for them…
    idk if that helps lol

  12. Teenage dating: When you take someone home, your parents will shout: ‘keep the noise down, kids!’
    Adult dating: When you take someone home, your downstairs neighbour will shout: ‘keep the noise down ya filfthy cunts!’

  13. I think the big difference is maturity. When you are a teenager, you date to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you think someone is cute. When you are an adult, you date people to find out if you are compatible for marriage or not. As an adult, you learn more about what you do and don’t like in relationships.

  14. when u are teen dating it is not really serious u are just looking at looked on the other hand adult dating you will look at other things ( how the person acts, do you gel with them mentally and other things)

  15. The law! Yer allowed to have sex and whatnot when yer an adult, but NOT when yer a kid! Peace and love! Be lucky! 🙂

  16. Dating as a teen is more about feeling accepted and part of the crowd along with a learning experience on deeper feelings and the opposite sex.

    Dating as an adult is more orientated between fun and trying to find that special someone that makes you smile you want to settle down with.

    Just think of it like this at your age. Girls date boys for social status and to feel accepted by boys. Boys date girls for male social acceptance, bragging rights, and sexual play which they are lead to believe is important in establishing your manhood.

  17. one is for teenagers the others for adults

  18. nothing .
    but will depend on what you will do there on date..

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