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What is the exact legal age for dating in Minnesota?

I really like this 18 year old boy and I am 16 years old. We are exactly 2 years and 8 days apart. Is it illegal to date him? We really need to know. No stupid ass comments. I’m being serious and I know That all 18 year old boys want “sex” I mean what boy does not want sex. I’m not stupid. Purpose anyway someone please explain to me what it is. Thank you!


  1. There IS no minimum age for dating. Only physical and sexual conduct.

  2. There is no restrictions for dating. A newborn baby could ‘date’ a 100 year old, hypothetically… now that isn’t realistically understood, but the point is… there is no definition legally for dating.

    The only things that matter is the age of consent… and that you are a minor, so you are under the authority of your parents, so they can keep you away from people if they choose to do so… meaning it’s easy for them to get a no contact order if you are spending time with a guy they don’t like.

    As I understand it, the age of consent in MN is 16, I don’t know for certain how that applies to over the age of 18, it could be a gray area still. As a precaution, should you have sex… make sure you don’t get pregnant… use contraception.

  3. There’s no restriction for dating, just intercourse, it’d be statutory rape on his part.

  4. Mn

    There are no laws that govern dating. The age of consent laws are geared to govern the age at which people can consent to sex and with whom. The age of consent in Mn is 16 so if you went beyond “dating” it’s not illegal. Since you are still a minor and under the authority of your parents until you are an adult, it’s another issue to consider.

  5. As your first poster said, there’s no law that limits dating by age … just the good judgment of parents deciding whether or not to allow their daughters to date. I wonder about your statement about knowing he wants sex. You should be able to also know that he won’t pressure you for sex at your age. A boy your age is less likely to do that than an 18 year old who probably has no other interest in you. It’s simply true that an 18 year old guy who is interested in a 16 year old is either kind of slow on the uptake and wants a girl friend that much younger than he is or he sees her as an easy mark for sex. Otherwise he’d be dating girls his own age.

  6. Age of consent is 16 in Minnesota. You can get physical, sexual etc.
    But you’re not a legal adult.

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