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What is the law for year adult to date a minor?

Okay I’m 15 and my boyfriend is 17 (almost 18) and i was just wondering how old do you got to be time to Legally year 18 year old??? 16 or 17 it is 4 sex???


  1. It is legal as long as you do not have sex with him until you are 16 🙂 x

  2. There is no legal limit on dating. The age for sex to be legal is 17, for both parties.

  3. It varies from state to state, but often it’s 18. Of course, it also depends on whether anyone wants to actually press charges against him.

  4. There are no laws in the US regulating the ages of people involved in non-sexual, social dating. The age at which one can consent to sex varies by state. In some states there is also a close in age exception.

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_consent_in_North_America to see the age of consent in your state.

  5. I live in Canada, and I think our law regarding this is very sensible. I would even use it as a personal guideline, because it’s not as simple as setting an age limit. These types of laws do vary from country to country, state to state ect. but listen to this; it’s fool proof!

    First of all, ANYONE under 12 cannot have consensual sex. It’s strange that they would put these laws on our bodies but really anyone under 12 generally cannot fully comprehend the decision they are making, and nor should they be subject to the risks it carries (sexually transmittable diseases, pregnancy, emotional distress, physical distress, ect). This protects anyone under 12 from being convinced to have sex, because they wouldn’t have to take the responsibility of making the decision.

    After that, anyone between the ages of 14-17 technically can have sex, but not if their partner is over 18. No one over 18 can have sex with someone under 18, for example, a 14y/o and an 18 y/o couldn’t have consensual sex. I like this rule because it really defines what it is to be an adult. Being taken advantage of by an adult is shameful, so any adult that decides to try it should be subject to any charges if they are prosecuted.

    “Legality” helps keep our community safe and orderly, but of course nothing should come above our own personal morals. Technically, you and your boyfriend would be A-OK here but that is not to say that somewhere in this country people are having sex outside of these guidelines (I did to be honest). Like others have mentioned, it’s really only an issue if someone decides to press charges, but I like the safety net, just in case my future 14 year old daughter comes home with an 20 year old or something.

    As for your personal issue, he’s only 2 years older, in my opinion that’s perfect. I saw on Dr.Phil that men are mentally 3 years ‘behind’ when it comes to the physical maturity of our brains, which is not meant to be insulting. I only go for guys that are 2-4 years older than me, I feel we learn more from each other and I like having a mature man. Of course, I have only just turned 18. In my opinion, people under 18 shouldn’t be dating too seriously anyways. Have sex, be safe, and have fun, but do you really want to be tied down for the rest of your life? Live a little, and as soon as you’re old enough, get the attention of some tastefully older men, girl 😉

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