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What is your opinion is adult oriented dating. . . . ?

websites? I’m referring to thesis Sites Where people are basically sex is There For. Personally I find ’em in poor taste to Be as well as Generally repugnantI’m referring to Adult Friend Finder. . . . . Apparently people proposal for Each Other sex on this site.


  1. aren’t most sites like that?

  2. May as well stand on a street corner and get paid for it.

  3. It’s not something I’m into personally, but I don’t care if others use these sites as long as they’re at least 18 and unmarried.

  4. i soooo agree with you

  5. As long as they are 18 and above then it is really up to the individual. There are some people who dont want all the hassle that is involved with being in a relationship, but still have physical needs. I know a few people who have done this and they say the sex is better than ever and at the end they dont have to put up with any bullsh*t.

  6. I’m from the old school and “dating” to me never meant sex, it meant going to the movies and a nice dinner and a kiss at the door. So I don’t know whether you’re talking about those late nite 900 line kind of call up for sex talk lines or if you’re talking about the sex videos or sex voyeurism at the dorms or what. I don’t approve of the “x-rated movies” or “adult websites or stores”, or anything else x-rated. I find them repugnant and in poor taste as well.

  7. I think you said it pretty well.

  8. Anyone who needs a website to get a date is pathetic.
    Sorry to those I just offended.

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