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What would happen to year posted naked adult If They pictures of a minor on a website?

I am afraid my exboyfriend is going to. I feel him nude pictures of me while We Were dating and now I am afraid he will post ’em to get back at me. He is 19 and i am 17. ALSO. . . when i turn 18, he still Would get in trouble for posting em since i was 17 when i Took the pictures? ALSO, WOULD HAPPEN IF ANYTHING HE PRINTED THEM OUT AND SENT THEM TO PEOPLE?


  1. he will get in trouble for posting child pornography. In fact, if you reported him to the police right now and he had the pictures, he would go to jail.

  2. Every body will go to jail because it child pornography. every one who have contact with the picture will go to jail unless they find them and report it to the police. If you print them yew you going to jail. you he will go to jail because you are 17 on the picture. If he 19 they and he post those picture of you at 17 years old then his next girl friend will be name bubby and he will be the woman in prison.

    do this take him a tube of ky jell and tell him if he post those picture he will need the ky jell in prison when budbby go into him

  3. In NYS you’re not considered a minor. At 17 you’re considered an adult. Also, if you voluntarily let him take the pictures, they’re unfortunately his property now. As for him posting them, to be honest I’m not sure he will even get in trouble for that. I could be mistaken on that so it might be something you want to research. As for the age discussion it depends on what state you’re in. Every state has different laws. In NYS however, you’re not a minor and if you allowed him to take the pictures there was no crime that was committed.

  4. Depends on the state. In Arizona, possessing child pornography is punishable by 10 years in jail PER piece of child pornography (2 photos could equal 20 years). Because you took the photos and sent them, you could also be charged with possession and dissemination of child pornography.

    Age when he distributes them is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is your age when you were in the photograph. If he/you has a photograph of you when you were underage, charges could be filed.

    Stop taking nude photos of yourself. Once they are taken, it’s a bell you can’t unring.

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