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where can I find an adult dating site?

Im looking for a free dating site thts were u do not have to use a credit card to be a member


  1. Not many but what kind of adult site do you want. Are you looking to just get laid?

  2. Try okcupid.com

    I used it, and the guy I met and started dating has been my boyfriend for almost 11 months :3

    Oh and its free 😉

  3. Didnt you know that’s what church BBQs are for???

  4. try yahoo chat. pick your state and you should get someone close.

  5. I believe Adult Friend Finders is free.

  6. yahoo personals, adult friend finder, who’s who

  7. okcupid.com is the best and it’s free. I’ve met a few ppl there and it worked out well.

  8. there are all kind of adult dating sites out there try eharmony match.com or something of tht sort tht should help you

  9. Another good free dating site http://www.promatching.com/ It’s pretty good with many singles. You don’t have to pay even to contact them.

  10. Try wealthychats.com. It’s a wealthy men dating club. Just think you will love it.

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