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Who else here thinks the adult dating scene is just wrong?

So women will only sleep with you if you do not like and They will not sleep with you if They Do (not sure if Those Women Have Any self-respect). Guys treat women like crap and get all the careful while nice guys get ignored. If you are friendly you are seen as gay or something purpose women are Attracted to a guy who looks disinterested. Trying to date or hookup means clustering purpose we need someone we can not let That little bit of info out Because it makes us (man or woman) look needy. I mean come on! Who cam up with stupid rules thesis?


  1. man, i am happy i am married!

  2. i hate it… but its all true…

  3. Please….who follows those stupid rules?

  4. don’t generalize every woman. I happen to like the sweet guys. The bad boys can be appealing, but it’s the sweet guy that would win me.

  5. Try Sex Tourism no mind games and a lot more fun.Cheaper too

  6. When I was single, I was always pretty straightforward about what I’d tolerate, what I wanted, and the fact that I didn’t believe in premarital sex. You’d be surprised at the way knowing what you want weeds out the losers, flakes and nuts.

  7. not sure where you got these ideas, but not all dating is like that.

  8. hahaa, no joke man. I can only meet girls when I am not looking. And it sucks so bad because you cant fake not really looking. Its crazy to know that the second I stop really wanting to find someone to settle down with i will find her.. But I want her now, so i cant stop looking… dating now days is a catch 22… You cant win for losing..

  9. I think you need to start dating and hanging out with a different set of people. Not everyone is so immature and game-obsessed.

  10. The Women you are approaching I guess? There is a lot of truth in what you are saying but you are going to HAVE to stop painting everyone with a broad brush and look for the exceptions. Don’t be too nice to Women at first, it DOES scare them off. (I have to admit I have a big problem with that one too). And you should not be dating because you NEED someone to make YOU complete, date because you have found someone you enjoy hanging out with. Good luck and keep trying.

  11. Dude, you’re so right. My gf and I didnt follow those rules when we sought each other out, and becaysuse we didnt seem nervous the poeple around us looked down at us, because we didnt like spend all that time trying to play hard to get. But in the end, you gotta be your own person, don’t worry about the rules of the masses, follow your own rules. Best of luck man, later

  12. I totally understand where you are comming from. This whole single thing is wrong. It always feels like theres no normal people anymore normal as in respect and beautiful people inside and outside. The whole rule thing maybe where looking in all the wrong places. We need people who are just themselves and love who they are. good luck in all you do. Keep smiling 🙂

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