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WhWhy do so Many People think a year adult dating minor is illegal? Did would you like to ask?

Many think That and adult, ie. a person over the age of 18 dates or kisses That a person under 18 or 16 is illegal? No It Is not. Age of consent ONLY Applies To sexual activity. From a Theoretical Point of View It Would Be Even legal for a 50 year old to date a 5 year old if They Are only walking holding hands and kissing but not Going Beyond That. NO AGE RESTRICTIONS IN ANY STATE EXISTS ON DATING. Yet I Have read many answers, one Even Claimed “it is illegal for Someone to Date Someone over 18 under 18” How is It That So Many do not know / understand the lawI’m has lawyerI AM licensed attorney in the state of Pennsylvania . Believe me, I know the law and I know what i am talking about! “You have to keep in mind, it Does not Have To Be To Be sex statutory rape” WRONG! if no sexual contact occured, how can it be “rape” Certainly I do not advocate adult year to date a “5 year old” That Was Just A THEORETICAL example!


  1. SavingprivateBrian

    because of the fact that everyone on the planet hates the idea of a 50 year old holding hands and kissing a 5 year old

  2. It is most definelty under-publicized…HS should elaborate upon this and other laws

  3. ummm…
    did you post a question just to isolate the ignorance of people ONLINE?
    think about it.
    are there idiots ONLINE?
    i would think so.
    actually, there are A LOT of idiots.

    i know the law, and i see that too. its called ignorance. either fix it, or stop complaining.

    EDIT-to everyone who said the theoretical couple is illegal…
    so its wrong for a grandmother to kiss her grandson?
    is it illegal for an old man to comfort a crying girl with a hug?
    is it so wrong for someone to say “i love you” to someone that they love, regardless of age?
    i have heard “i love you” from tons of aunts and cousins.
    how about YOU do your research.

  4. its their thinking.

  5. Ask my brother why he sat in jail for a week when he was 18. His girl friend’s dad had him tossed in jail because she was 16. It had nothing to do with sex. There is a thing called statutory rape. Look it up. The laws are different in every state. Maybe in your state there is no such thing as statutory rape laws.

  6. because people are afraid they will get their a*sses thrown in jail thats why!!! better safe than sorry

  7. It just looks wrong. Would you really like to see a 50yr old with a 5yr old? And usually people try to stop it because the dating can lead to sexual activities. The older ones usually try to talk younger ones into that kind of stuff. Prevent the problem where or before it starts..

    Do you wanna date someone like that? I think it is wrong.

  8. first off, you aren’t a lawyer, you’re a dirty liar.
    second. it is legal for someone of any age to date anyone over 16, but that doesn’t make it right.
    You have to keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be sex to be statutory rape. a 50 year old and a 5 year old is illegal. you need to do your research before you start running your dirty, uneducated, lying mouth.
    You are not a lawyer, the fact that you said that made me piss myself a little bit.

  9. its just not right
    whether its illegal or not and even if it isnt legal what would you think o that 50 year old
    taking advantage of a preschooler

  10. it wouldn’t be legal for a 50 year old to date a 5 year old, thats gross, and the 5 year old wouldn’t even understand about dating. maybe people think its illegal because they find it strange when some one older dates someone younger….?

  11. The story about the guy with an 18 year old friend in jail for dating a 16 year old is fake. The law is 18 or within four years apart. 18 and 16 is perfectly legal. That’s too stupid even for America to have a law against– just like how a 17 year old can’t have sex with a 10 year old. The rule applies.

    And you all need to calm down- she’s not justifying a 50 year old and a 5 year old, she was just trying to give an example and did it extremely poorly.

    And you’re definitely not a lawyer.

  12. because ppl are grossed out by the idea of a 50 yr old with 5 yr old….(figuratively speaking)

    me included

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