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Why do people assume an adult dating a minor advantage, took the minor? ?

Take my question, for example.


  1. The minor lacks judgement and experience whereas the adult knows better.

  2. Either that, or the adult is a loser.

  3. Probably because the adult is supposed to be the mature one and know that they should not be involved in an inappropriate relationship. There is nothing saying that the minor is not equally at fault. But the adult is the one who needs to step up the plate and say that it is not something that should be going on. If we are talking about two very close in age, eighteen and sixteen or something, I think things are different. But in the case of 30-year-olds and teenagers, there is just something wrong with that adult.

  4. Sorry, but because he’s taking advantage of the minor (not to mention, depending on their ages, probably committing a crime). If he weren’t, he’d wait until the minor was an adult.

  5. Because adults are smarter than minors and can manipulate them.

  6. I think it depends on the situation. I can see a mutual realtionsip between a 17 year old and a 19 or 20 year old. However a 35 year old with a 14 year old or even a 25 year old with a 16 year old is weird. They can have a non dating relationship or wait 10 years but otherwise the adu;t needs to show restraint.

  7. because the minor has no experience to make that choice

  8. because older men want little girls, period

  9. Your question answers itself!
    You adult – Him child!!!!!!!
    Would you let a 30+ Man have sex with your 14 year old daughter?
    If you look at the minor in any other way but as a minor then you need to go to therapy cause that’s just WRONG!!!

    Children lack the proper abilities to judge whats right and wrong when an ”adult” is involved.
    Take some responsibility for your actions and leave the kids alone.
    We jump up and down when a child is on the TV after being violated and its no different when the adult take advantage of a teenager!

  10. I want you to think about this when you are in your 30’s. A real 25 year old should have nothing in common with a teen and he may be playing on her lack of self esteem or need for love. He probably can’t get someone his age

  11. It’s really ignorant to think that being 18 all of a sudden means you have experience and maturity. I think that there can be a relationship between a 17 and as old as a 20 year old. Just because a person is a few months off of 18 doesn’t mean anything. Age is but a number.

  12. Well it depends on the age difference, obviously a year isn’t going to mean much. The general thought behind this is that young people (especially girls) are very easily influenced, naive and are lacking the ability to make good long term decisions as they tend to look at the present and not the future. An older person could be in the position to take advantage of that and use those traits to their advantage.

  13. * from the Great White North*

    Because even tho we like to think that at 16 we are grown up….we really are not.A normal 25 year old man would have nothing in common with a 16 year old. He can not even take you out to adult places to eat because of the liquor laws for petes sake!

  14. because a 16 year old may think they’re grown enough but they are not old enough or mature enough to make that decision.

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