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Why is it Morally Wrong year for adult to date a minor? Do you think its wrong? are you a minor or and adult?

Other then That ict illegal (Why is it illegal to begin with?) Say the minor and the adult is 12,13,14,15 22,23,24 a 12yr old is old dating a 25 yr old. If the Younger person is Developed and Enjoys Being around the older why is it wrong?


  1. creepy as hell >_0, PS that’s not a wink

  2. Funkmaster Chelsea F

    Why would a 25 year date a 12 year old? And what could they possibly have in common?

  3. they might do something they regret when they are older. it’s protecting them, because when we are young we make mistakes. don’t be a creeper – stay away from minors!

  4. Simple. Young people are not mature or experienced enough to know what love really is, how a proper relationship works, and how to maintain it. That is a psychological fact. If it were legal, then selfish adults would take advantage of them. Period. Manipulation of the innocent is, by definition, immoral.

  5. Jerry Jerry Jerry!!!

    Yes its fucked up
    If you dont see why there is something wrong
    ifthe gap was 17 and 15 maybe there is room for debate.

    a 22 year old shouldnt be sexually attracted to what is essentially is still a child

  6. Ok. for one it is just sick. Why cant the adult find someone their own age? The minor needs to show some respect for their self. And What do you not see wrong with it? The fact that a child is dating an adult is just sickening.

  7. Hi, I’m Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. Why don’t you have a seat over there?”

    A 12-15 year old girl isnt mature enough to make decisions like that, they are easily manipulated by perverts like yourself who use them for sex, what could an adult man possibly have in common with a teenage girl, you are sick

  8. I don’t think its wrong to be with someone older, I think its wrong for them to date if one of them is a minor at the moment.That’s like an adult dating a kid.Kids shouldn’t date adults vise versa.Technically a human isn’t mentally develped until they are at least 21.Your still growing up when your a teenager so how is it right to date someone who’s already matured? They should be trying to find someone their own age anyways.Its like a father/daughter relationship.sorry if I came off as rude.I use to like an older guy once but now I’d rather have someone closer to my age so its not complicated.Theres nothing wrong with liking someone older but I think they should wait.If a guy is older and really wants to be with her, he’ll be mature and respect her and the law until she’s old enough for her to date.If he’s in his 20’s he’ll know better than to sneak around and have a child breaking the law.(techniquely its not illeagle unless they have sex but based on the information above its still not morally right)

  9. It’s not the age that is the problem. It’s the psychological & physical difference. The human body is not fully developed at just 12 years of age. Nor is that 12 year old mature enough to know what they want. They are still children, they might not be young children but they ARE children, both physically & mentally. There is a word for adults who like to date children. We call them Pedophiles. At 15 years the situation gets a little more complicated because they are no longer children, they are young adults. At this age the physical difference is no longer a problem. The psychological difference may or may not be depending on the person. So, no I don’t find it morally wrong for an adult to date a minor. I do however find it morally wrong for an adult to date a child. Then there are the legal matters, which are there for a reason. They are there to protect the innocent from potentially dangerous predators. At least that’s this minor’s opinion on the matter.

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