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Would you date has still urinates That guy in the bed?

I met this guy at a bar and we really hit it off. We have beens and talking casually dating For a few weeks. Well last weekend was the “weekend” and I woke up to a wet bed twice. . . . I Asked him if he HAD ever done this before and he said “never”. I issue it Because it Happened Both nights.



  2. No
    eww that’s gross

  3. Heavens no, no exceptions either if he spent the nite nd messed up my sheets we would have a problem kinda embarrasing to bring home someone to meet your parents that wet the bed

  4. I’m sure if you looked in his closet you would find a package of diapers. Sounds like he is a bed wetter which it doesn’t matter if we would date a guy that wets the bed. The question is how do you feel about it and is it a deal breaker or not. I used to wet the bed into my teen years, 15 to be exact. Its not like it is done on purpose. He needs to see a doctor but ultimately if you really really liked the guy and everything else “fits into place” if you know what I mean, I wouldn’t see it as a deal breaker. There are diapers for adults as well as medication. Something you gonna have to ask your self.

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