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adult friend finder. . . . . what do ya know?

what do you know about adult friend finder? i have visited ounce That website thinking it was more like a dating service. I was very surprised to see That It was a sex / swinger website. i am guessing Would not it be The most practical website to find a potential relationship. . . not everyone is there Seems to be just looking for sex. Some of Them Seem just lonely. some advice on this please!


  1. mainly its for people looking to “hook up”
    there is many sights like that
    there is a few out there that are ok
    like Yahoo Personals or Match.com
    but i also wasted my money and still waiting

  2. They’re just looking for sex. They may be lonely too, but they knew what it was when they signed up. If you’re looking to do a personals thing, you should try another site like match.com or plentyoffish.com they’re much better! You could also try myspace; it’s all free and you can do a search for random people in your area who are single, and add them. It’s what I’d use if I was single 🙂

  3. Remain anonymous, and trust your instincts. No cam sharing, of course, no sharing of personal information… I think there are so many more dating sites that don’t sound like ‘adult friends’.. that name alone, reads sex interest, sorry, but true. No dating word in there.. there is a reason these men are lonely, don’t forget that.

  4. Adult Friend Finder is not a site like Match.com where you would go with the intent of finding your “one and only”. AFF is directed at those that want to find someone to hook-up with and if it turns into something more, great!

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