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Adult Personal Sites (Guys 18+ ONLY): Have you ever used one before?

Question by Just a Dude: Adult Personal Sites (Guys 18+ ONLY): Have you ever used one before?
To Guys that are 18+ ONLY:

– Have you ever used an Adult Personal Site (to find someone for sex) before?

– If so, what was the website?

– Did you ever actually find someone and meet them?

– Was that person hot?

– Was it a satisfying experience?

– Did you see that person again?

– Would you ever use an Adult Personals Site again?

– Would you recommend others try it?

Please. SERIOUS answers ONLY. Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by artimis
I am not a man but I know three who have done just what you are asking.

first guy..used a site and actually met several people who he then paid to have sex with.(he wasn’t aware that they wanted money at first but that’s the way this site works a lot of the time) Two were fairly attractive one was not and yes I actually know that as I have seen the ads. He has since been divorced as his wife found out and he has lost his daughter and family. He continued to use the site last I heard but I don’t associate with him any longer.

second guy–used a site which will not be named but it’s one specially for this stuff.(a dating or casual sex site) He found several people none of whom were especially attractive but he isn’t either so maybe that’s why. He used it until he met his current girlfriend and will probably use it again if this doesn’t work out. (only for fun though-it’s obviously no place to meet someone of quality)

Third guy tried it as a young man and the girls were hot according to him. He was proud of this at one time. They did not meet again as it was only money for sex, no relationship. It was more satisfying than his hand but by his own admission not as good as when in a relationship with someone. When he opened up to his girlfriend about that former pass time she dumped him. (It’s a creepy thing to have done and a lot of girls would not overlook that in a guys past)

Those are/were very close friends of mine and my only experience with that sort of thing.

I think it’s really creepy too, try a bar or something. Same idea but it just seems less yucky.

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