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Adult personals sites. . . . Paid or free services?

Ok so I’m gonna sign up for year adult dating site and I want to know Which Will you think work best. Free sites Paid or services? Why do you think so? And Also Can anyone recommend a website for Finding Good women looking for casual sex encounters? And I’ll take Any tips as well. Thanks. Ok i did not ask for opinion on my life. I Asked a very Specific questions and if you cannot answer it, do not come on here and give me a reading as to how I Should live my life.


  1. Get off the internet and go out and meet real live women. You’ll find what your looking for and much more

  2. From personal experience, my favorite site for finding women looking for sex is http://www.getiton.com/go/g765617-po .

    I’ve probably met about 8 women from that site. And in answer to your question about whether to use a free dating site or a paid service, I’ll recommend you use a paid dating site. This is my reason, on a free dating site most of the profiles you see there are fake, prostitutes, escorts or scammers. These group of people are not going to pay to hook up. They want you to pay them or scam you out of your money.

    Also I find that most women take you more seriously on the paid dating sites because they see that you have actually paid to find them. It makes them feel you are a serious person. This is just what I have noticed in my experience. Remember the women you might be wanting to contact will receive a lot of emails from other guys as well and you don’t want to be seen as someone who can’t even afford a $20/month subscription fee.

    Also your profile does matter so I’ll urge you to spend an hour to make it attractive enough. use a good photo of yourself. Don’t lie in your profile.

  3. I totally agree with Kevin. I’m a woman and I’m on some dating websites. I totally hate it when a guy expects me to contact them first. And on most dating sites, free members can’t initiate contacts. Most girls will wait for a guy to initiate contact and being a free member means you can’t do dat.

    I also totally hate the free sites as it’s full of scammers and foreigners asking you for me. That getiton site is a cool site. I have a friend who uses it and she has met someone there. Now I’m gonna sign up there as well.

  4. For an adult personals site, I’d go for a paid service. The free ones out there like craigslist are full of spammers and scammers it’s scary. At least someone who’s paid is cool with me.

  5. Will definitely choose a paid service over a free one.

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