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For today the “sex toys” concept gives rise? associations with hard white plastic cylinder vibrating function with the help of batteries. However, because these products phallic pr? Worth in the range of devices for sex, vibrators shaped diff today? Annuity, sizes and colors are produced. Many people saw the cylindrical sex toy, suppose that according to its shape, it is destiny? ? ? Be ins? R? in the body of the woman in the vagina. Do not go del? This thoughts? e, you do not hit the mark. Vibrators are more effective if they apply? sensitive areas of the clitoris. Less efficient if it gives pleasure to women, the G-spot stimulators, i. e. vibrators, curves such mani? re to stimulate the front of the vagina. Am? Provements construction vibrator concerned? S not only shapes but also MATERIALS, making vibrators. modern vibrators are pr? cis? lying? the eye not listening and cr? ent not seem to hit. In addition, producers do? from soft rubber or latex. Some vibrators turn, which is tr? Helpful for ins? Rer in the vagina. Vibrator taking body contours woman is much closer to int? Comfortable laughing and agr? Cable. pleasure sp? cial can be brought right? e by stimulation combined? e with the help of the vibrator, which also stimulates the clitoris and not cr? st feel less? posteriori? ? the indoor situations. It can be brought easily obtained by adding a simple attachment to the vibrator vibrating sp? Cial to the clitoris, which has an original form. Thus, the surface stimulation of the attachment may take the form of frog, rabbit ears, etc. There are also vibrating eggs or plastic bullets, attach? ? the unit? power with r? regulator vibration velocity. Someone will call? using sex toys cons nature. But these people who pretend to contr? L our personal pleasures and censor our thoughts? Are intimate, have nothing against aircraft. Is it more natural to take the plane? According INVESTIGATION? You full dress in 1997 by sp? Specialists of the University? of California? approximately 13.9 million Am? Ricans use sex toys, in other words – any adult dixi? me from USA. Sex toys give great pleasure if you use them? Your own or in combination with willing partners? S. Toys to add something new in your life. Sometimes it is just a pleasure? watch your game of love with sex toy.

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