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Advice, please. Attn: Men?

After dating my boyfriend for a while, we made the decision to move across country and live together in year he Grew Up in area. Since We Moved, he completely changed. He used to love being around me all of the time, now he comes home from work and gets Either online or works on his truck. He’s not as supportive or loving as he used to be. He knows I am unhappy, yet does not Seem to Care. And as of recently, I have seen in our computer’s history That he has-beens on the Casual Encounter section of Craig’s List (Which he says was out of curiosity) and aussi on year adult personals site (Which he claims He Has never been there before , he intended & I are the only ones who use the computer). What should I do? He will not listen to me when I say things need to change. Should I just deal with his new personality or should I move on?


  1. be real to yourself and don’t be mean to anyone it is totally not worth it just be coll around everyone and don’t worry about what people think about you it will keep up your confidence and keep you safe people will like ya beter trust me!! aa

  2. Why would you stick around? Go back home. It looks like he’s done with you. Its not like you guys are married. I’m really sorry things turned out like this for you. You deserve, way better, so much more.

  3. hey,
    ermm 1st of all he’s jus ur bf n can i say such relation does really last long usually.. he probably has some1 else in mind.. if u ask me i would tell u to try to talk to him soon… ask him wat he ones.. make him speak but try to control urself.. it may be difficult for you but u got to be strong.. it’s betta to suffer now n solve the problem instead of keepin it to urself n u might face more problems next time.. if he says he doesn’t wans u anymore take it as a chalenge in live n u go to start a new living.. don’t take his decision as the end of the world

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